The first Constantine TV trailer hit online today and it looks like NBC is finally getting right what the old Keanu Reeves’ movie screwed up. While the Constantine movie was good fun, it was not who Constantine, the character, is. However, the character in this trailer walks and talks just like John Constantine (although his cigarettes are missing).

Now, I have already read a lot of clueless people comparing the Constantine TV series to Supernatural – and it is obvious those people have never picked up a comic in their lives, or at least not one that doesn’t involved spandex wearing superheroes.

Constantine TV trailer

Constantine / Vertigo

“Before you checked yourself in here, you were working as an exorcist and Master of the Dark Arts.”

“That says Master, does it? Well, I should really change that to petty dabbler. I really hate to put on airs.”

Yep. I am sold. The Constantine TV trailer makes it look like we are getting the grumpy, foul mouthed, battle weary Constantine that Garth Ennis wrote so well in the Hellblazer comics. Now, I know there are pretty strict codes against smoking, but John really needs that habit, especially since that is his most known vice.

I’m pretty sure they won’t give us that character trait. Despite that, everything about this┬áConstantine TV trailer has me excited that they are headed in the right direction, at least with the theme and feel of the story. What are your thoughts after seeing it? Let us know in the comments below.