The Weinstein Company finally caved in and they will release the critically acclaimed Korean movie Snowpiercer in its original cut. Originally, Harvey wanted to dumb it down so it wouldn’t confuse people in the American Midwest. While director Bong Joon-Ho won the fight with Harvey to leave his movie as is, it seems Harvey is still doing what he can to help dumb Americans with the new Snowpiercer red band trailer.

As angry as it should make normal Americans to have Harvey Weinstein call them dumb and want to make a smart, inventive movie into a typical brainless blockbuster, Harvey might have a point. Too much time is spent skimming through the comment sections on some sites, and it seems there are a lot of Americans who have already found a way to see the movie. Some are complaining that they just don’t get it. You can tell how little respect Harvey has for these people with the new Snowpiercer red band trailer.

Snowpiercer red band trailerSnowpiercer tells the story of the world after an apocalypse, where a great freeze has swept over the planet. Temperatures have dropped to lethal levels. Much like in the movie 2012, people in the know realized this was coming. They commissioned Snowpiercer, a train that can run without ever needing to stop for fuel. It can also keep everyone inside protected from the weather.

Before the train is set to take off, with just the rich and powerful saved, the common folk figure out what is going on and rush the train. The people in charge agree to let many of them board, but force them into the back in cattle cars. In these cars, these people starve to death, become disease ridden with no medicine, and are treated like cattle.

The entire story is a class warfare system. The poor is stuck on the back with nothing. The middle of the train features people who have their basic needs met. The front of the train is saved for the richest people, full of debauchery. This is the story of a revolution that starts where the people on the back fight for the right to move up.

The Snowpiercer red band trailer makes it look like a big dumb action movie. That is unfortunate. While a lot of people may not “get it,” Snowpiercer is a very smart, very good movie by one of world cinema’s best directors. Don’t let this trailer fool you, this is a smart movie.

So, what do you think? Does the Snowpiercer red band trailer make you want to see the movie or does it just make things appear flat? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.