WWE Monday Night Raw opens with the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan. Let’s see if he can hold it for more than one day. He is actually wearing one of the belts. The fans all chanted YES and then started chanting “You Deserve It.” Bryan said the fans are who deserved it.

WWE Monday Night Raw

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are out. The fans have a nice chant for him. Triple H said he won’t get in the ring because he doesn’t want to do something he would regret, so Bryan went over with both titles and started the YES movement in Triple H’s face. He said Bryan’s moment won’t last because he has to defend the title tonight against Triple H. Bryan didn’t say anything and let the fans just chant for him.

Backstage, Triple H is talking about ending things tonight. Batista showed up and said that he was promised a one-on-one match and then Randy Orton said he wants his rematch from his contract clause. Stephanie said that they both deserved rematches, but not tonight. She then said they would team up to fight The Usos for the tag team titles, which neither man wanted. Triple H reminded them that when they are together, no one can stop them, hinting at reforming Evolution.

WWE Monday Night Raw

The Wyatt Family vs. John Cena, Sheamus and Big E

The Wyatt Family is out next. They are taking on John Cena, Sheamus and Intercontinental Champion Big E in a six-man match. Fans: “Let’s go Wyatt.” The fans even cheered for Luke Harper when he was beating up Cena. The fans started a sing-song “John Cena Sucks” which was very unique! “Bray’s Gonna Kill You” chant when he crab walked to Big E and then he hit the Sister Abigail for the win. WOW. The fans loved The Wyatt Family

Winners: The Wyatt Family (****)

A Boliever promo, so it looks like Bo Dallas is coming to the WWE main roster.

WWE Monday Night Raw

Fandango and Summer Rae vs. Santino and Emma

Fandango is out and the fans are really into the music once again. He teams here with Summer Rae against Santino and Emma. The end came when Emma locked in the Emma Lock and Santino kept Fandango from interfering. Short match that really had nothing to it.

Winners: Santino and Summer Rae (1/2 *)

WWE Monday Night Raw

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are out next. Brock has a black eye. The announcers say that Undertaker has a concussion and spent the night in the hospital overnight. Paul Heyman: “Eat, Drink, Break the Streak.” Heyman said that Brock Lesnar is here to put tears in the eyes of children. Heyman said he wants to “shoot” from the hip. He told fans that Undertaker collapsed backstage after the match and that Vince McMahon left Wrestlemania and rode to the hospital with The Undertaker. When Heyman talked about Undertaker’s injuries, Brock Lesnar laughed.

Heyman made fun of Hogan’s “Silverdome” mistake last night. Heyman said every match has a winner or loser and Undertaker was a loser and Brock Lesnar was a winner. Heyman said that everyone in the back was a wannabe and Brock Lesnar likes none of them. Lesnar said that no one in the back could make it as a real fighter, but Brock Lensar did. “Lesnar is the One in 21-1.” Heyman is actually getting cheers. That was a brilliant promo by Paul Heyman.

Adam Rose promo – WOW, I thought they were going to slow down on calling up NXT people.

WWE Monday Night Raw

WWE World Tag Team Championship
The Usos vs. Randy Orton and Batista

The fans are doing the random chants in this match while Batista and Randy Orton killed The Usos outside the ring. After a double countout, Batista hit the Batista Bomb on one of the tag champs on the steel champs. The fans didn’t care and kept booing as Batista and Randy Orton stood in the ring with their hands raised.

Winner: Double Disqualification (*)

WWE Monday Night Raw

Rob Van Dam vs. Damien Sandow

Other than Sandow interrupting Van Dam’s opening where he gets the crowd chanting, this was all Rob Van Dam.

Winner: Rob Van Dam (* ½)

WWE Monday Night Raw

Rey Mysterio vs. Bad News Barrett

Rey has a new entrance where the lights go out for him and he has more pyro. And, holy cow, this is Wade Barrett’s first match since he became Bad News Barrett. The fans are chanting for Bad News Barrett, so it sounds like his promos have not destroyed his push. The fans were booing Rey when he was heading up for his winning move and it really distracted him. Barrett got back up and just knocked the hell out of Rey with the Bull Hammer for the win.

Winner: Bad News Barrett (* ½)

WWE Monday Night Raw

Alexander Rusev w/ Lana vs. Zack Ryder

This is Alexander Rusev’s WWE Monday Night Raw debut. Complete squash. Rusev with his Camel Clutch finisher.

Winner: Alexander Rusev (*)

WWE Monday Night Raw

Ultimate Warrior makes his way down to the ring (he is walking and not running full speed, although he did shake the ropes and is wearing his long coat). “Speak to me Warriors” – That was awesome! He then put on one of those Warrior masks they sell. He then cut his entire promo as The Ultimate Warrior.

A.J. Lee is out next as the longest reigning Divas champion of all time to cut a promo. She said she gave all other Divas 294 days to prove her title reign wrong and she is the hero of the story. She said that she overcame all the odds just like she did all her life and went from being a poor girl from New Jersey to being the best Diva in the world. “CM Punk” chant, but AJ Lee said she was the savior of the Divas division and she is the Divas division. PAIGE IS OUT! AJ asked what Paige was doing there, and she said she was there to do what no else would and that is to congratulate her. AJ said she doesn’t need her congratulations and Paige should run back to NXT. AJ called her a sweet little crumpet. AJ Lee actually challenged Paige to a match. Paige said she wasn’t ready so AJ Lee slapped her. AJ Lee also said she would put her title on the line. AJ Lee said this is her house. Fans: “This is Awesome.”

WWE Monday Night Raw

DIVAS Championship
AJ Lee vs. Paige

AJ Lee dominated the match but Paige blocked the Black Widow and the hit the Paige Turner out of nowhere to pin AJ Lee and win the Diva’s title!

Winner: Paige (**)

Hulk Hogan comes out and talks about the Andre the Giant battle royal and the fans started chanting “Cesaro.” When Hogan calls out the winner to give the trophy, Cesaro comes out and Zeb Colter is actually with him. When Cesaro was about to talk, Zeb Colter took the mic first and said that Cesaro was brought in to the fold as a Real American despite he is not from here. He then said he made Cesaro a “Zeb Colter guy.” Cesaro took the mic away and said he is not a Zeb Colter guy. He then said he is a “Paul Heyman guy.” HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!

That brought out Paul Heyman! Paul Heyman came out and called Cesaro the “King of Swing.” AWESOME! Paul Heyman called Zeb Colter grandpa and said this is the week of shocking moments for Paul Heyman guys. The fans are chanting “King of Swing.” Jack Swagger ran in and nailed Cesaro from behind and then destroyed the Andre the Giant trophy. Cesaro attacked Swagger and tossed him from the ring before looking at his trophy.

WWE Monday Night Raw

Cesaro w/ Paul Heyman vs. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter

Cesaro just dominated the match, including a nice one arm superplex. When Cesaro went for the Big Swing, Jack Swagger ran and Zeb Colter told him to just leave.

Winner: Cesaro by Count Out (** ½)

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon has The Shield and Kane at her side and is telling them that they need to make sure it happens. Seth Rollins asked where The New Age Outlaws are but Dean Ambrose said they won’t be seen again. Kane said that Triple H knows they are nameless, faceless pawns while Stephanie tells him to shut up before Kane actually spilled the news that Triple H sent him out to attack them in the first place. Stephanie tells them to get on the same page because what Triple H, the boss, wants, he gets. She asks if she makes herself clear and Kane says yes. She asks The Shield and Roman Reigns says “Crystal.”

WWE Monday Night Raw

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H

Daniel Bryan comes to the ring but then Batista and Randy Orton come out before anyone else can. They attack Daniel Bryan. Orton hits the RKO on Daniel Bryan. Batista then hits the Batista Bomb on Daniel Bryan. Then Kane’s music starts and he makes his way to the ring, picks up Daniel Bryan and hits the Choke Slam. Then Triple H’s music starts for him to come out for the match with Stephanie McMahon following him. He calls the referee in to start the match as Bryan lies motionless on the mat. He threatens to fire the ref if he doesn’t start the match. The Shield music starts and they come to the ring with their awesome skull masks on. Kane, Batista and Orton climb onto the apron (fans: “Hounds of Justice”). The Shield climbs up as well. Triple H tells both sides that this won’t happen. The Shield gets in the ring first and then Kane, Batista and Orton follow. Triple H tells everyone to calm down so Roman Reigns spears Triple H. They faked the triple powerbomb but Triple H turned into Daniel Bryan’s running high knee. It ends with The Shield putting in their fists while Daniel Bryan leads the YES chant. The next generation has declared war on the old guard.

Winner: No Contest