The Breakdown

Ryan talks to Claire about her going into witness protection. To say the least Ryan is not pleased that he had to think that Claire died. Rev. Tanner goes on a TV show hosted by Carrie to wage to war with Joe. Tanner basically calls Joe the Antichrist. Joe is watching the program and Emma asks Joe if he believes in God. Joe doesn’t really answer but he implies “no.” Emma wonders where is Mandy and Joe has no clue.

Mandy has just been picked up by Mark. Mark wants to know where Joe is and Mandy doesn’t tell him. Mark asks as if it is no big deal. A few of Joe’s cronies attack Carries’ escorts and give her the phone. Joe is on the other end and tells her that she is to deliver a new messages and if she doesn’t everyone she knows and loves will die.

Ryan gets to the site where Carrie and her escorts were attacked. Carrie gives Ryan the flash drive with Joe’s message. Carrie has made a copy but Ryan does not want her to broadcast it because it may contain orders for Joe’s followers. Ryan goes back to his apartment to watch the message with Claire. Claire thinks that it’s weird that Joe is quoting the Bible as he is an atheist. Claire thinks that Joe’s next target is Rev. Tanner’s son. They find out that Tanner’s son is named Preston, who goes to a local college. Claire wants Ryan to help her duck her police escorts so she and Ryan can go to the college. Ryan leaves and tells Max to go upstairs with Claire. Ryan and Mike head out to the college. Four of Joe’s followers are at the college where a security guard tries to find out why there are on the campus. They end up killing him. 


Mike tries to explain to Ryan on the car ride to the college why he kept Claire a secret from him. Mike tells Ryan that he thought that Claire’s safety – above all else – is what Ryan would have wanted. Ryan doesn’t want to hear it. Claire is in Ryan’s apartment and finds lipstick in the bathroom that belongs to Carrie.

Mandy is back with Lilly. Lilly is making a cake for Mandy to welcome her home. Lilly wants to know where Joe is. Mandy tells Lilly that she looks at Joe as a father figure and can’t tell Lilly where Joe is. Lilly smacks Mandy, Mandy backs up and Luke enters the room and asks Mandy where is she going? Claire goes into the secret “Joe room” that is in Ryan’s house and talks to Max about if Ryan has moved along and how has he been doing. Max tells Claire that Ryan has been trying to move forward.

Joe’s followers are at the frat house where Tanner’s son is. Lucas and Tilda walk in and go upstairs to Preston’s room. He is not there but his roommate is. The roommate calls Tilda a “fat ass”, Lucas kills him and Tilda takes out the girl he is with.


Preston and a girl walk into the dorm where Tilda and Lucas are waiting and they capture them. Lucas and Tilda are recording Preston and his girl at knife point. Preston is begging for his life and praying to god when they slit his girlfriends throat. Luke, Mandy and Mark are playing truth or dare mixed with spin the bottle. Luke points the bottle at Mandy and says truth. He then asks her where is Joe. After Mandy doesn’t talk they burn her arm over a candlelit flame. Mandy screams to Lilly for help and Lilly ignores her.

Lucas and Tilda see Ryan and Mike pulling up to the house and hide. Mike and Ryan enter the house and notice blood on the floor, they grab their guns and head upstairs. They check one room which is empty. Mike points out another room. Mike opens the door and a masked Lucas rushes out and Mike shoots him. Another masked person runs out and Ryan grabs him and tries to take off the mask. The mask is glued to the skin. In the room that Lucas ran out of are a bunch of kids with masks, Ryan tells Mike not to shoot as some of the people are kids. The rest of Carroll’s gang leaves out of the house they get into the van and drive away. Ryan leaves Mike behind and heads after the van.


Joe and Emma have found the tape of Mandy leaving. Emma checks the browser history of Joe’s computer and has found that Mandy has used it to place an ad to reach out to Lilly. Joe wants to call Lilly and Emma tries to stop him. Joe calls anyway and Lilly tells him that he can make things right by meeting in person. Joe tells Lilly not to hurt Mandy and Lilly tells him that they are past that bridge. Lilly tells Joe that if he doesn’t come, then Mandy dies.

Joe says goodbye to Mandy and Mandy does the same. The police are on the scene of the frat house and Mike calls Ryan asking him where is he. Ryan tells Mike that he is following the van where Preston is being held. Mike wants to help and Ryan tells him no. Ryan says that he must put an end to Joe for good. Mike tells Ryan he is sorry about Claire. Ryan hangs up and throws his cell out of the window.


Joe feels guilty about what happened to Mandy. Emma tells Joe that Mandy never belonged. Joe lashes out at Emma and tells her that “she (Mandy) was his”. Carrie plays the video of Joe on TV. Mike goes back to Ryan’s apartment where Max and Claire are. Max tells Mike that Carrie played the video. Carrie comes to the door and Max and Ryan tell Claire to hide in the bedroom. Carrie tells Max that she was scared and didn’t know what to do when Ryan didn’t answer the phone. Carrie tells Mike and Max that they can trust her and that she only wants to help Ryan.

Claire comes out and tells Carrie that if she wants to help, then help her as well. The van comes back to Corbin where Joe and his followers are waiting for them. Ryan is also at Corbin’s, hiding behind a tree. Lily, Mark and Luke are eating cake at dinner and have a toast to Mandy. Mandy is at the table tied up, bloody, beaten and dead.


The Analysis 

Even though the writing was on the wall with Mandy dying, Lilly shouldn’t have killed her because it was the only way they could find Joe. They are now back at square one with trying to find Joe now. So what is Ryan going to do? Is he going to shoot up everyone in Corbin to try to get to Joe? He can’t call for backup as he ditched his cell phone. Lastly how in the world are Carrie and Claire going to intermingle? I love how a dead Claire got her feelings hurt that Ryan has moved on after a year. I mean honestly was he supposed to wait around forever hoping she want really dead? Women.