Pablo Larraín (No 2012) is Universal’s pick to head up the Scarface remakeThe story will be altered again, changing namesake character Tony Montana from a Cuban immigrant to a Mexican immigrant turned drug lord in Los Angeles, instead of Miami. The Writer attached to the project is Paul Attanasio, known for The Sum of All Fears and Donnie Brasco. With 2 Oscar nominations under his belt, he’s a solid choice for the story of a criminal king pin. Scarface Remake

This will be the third incarnation of the ‘Scarface’ character. First made in 1932, as an Italian immigrant named Tony Camonte, turned mobster while searching for the American dream in Chicago. Then Cuban, Tony Montana in 1983, by Al Pacino, who made the character infamous with his over the top portrayal as a power hungry coke fiend.  It was Pacino’s exuberant performance as Tony Montana that burned the Scarface Scarface remakecharacter into the memories of movie goers, delivering what has to be one of the most quoted lines in cinema history, “Say hello to my little friend…”. Imitated and referenced in hundreds of films, music and television shows since.

Under Pablo Larraín’s direction, the new Scarface remake will be brought up to date and will focus on character authenticity, instead of racial stereotypes. As a Hollywood outsider, he will be able to offer a unique view to the material, if let to follow his own vision of the character instead of forcing in the usual mobster tropes.Though It will be hard to top the entertainment value of 80’s drug fueled montages. I mean how do you show class without an 8 foot self portrait with Michelle Pfeiffer on your arm and a butterfly collar?


Source: Collider