The Breakdown

Claire tells Mike hello

Flashback: One year before, in the hospital after Claire was stabbed. Mike is there with her to tell her that she will be ok and that Ryan will be as well. Claire wants to see Ryan but Mike will not let her. Claire needs to be put into witness protection from Joe’s followers. Claire is upset that she can’t see Ryan. Mike tells Ryan that Claire died.

A video plays of Joe saying there will be more bloodshed. Carrie is leaving Ryan’s house after a wild night, she inquired about his secret room and he tells her that why it’s a secret room. Carrie tells Ryan that she wants the story but also wants to help him. Joe is in bed with Emma and has her say “praise Joe” a few times for kicks. Mandy barges in and tells Joe that Robert is looking for him. Mandy stands by the door and listens. Joe tells Emma to leave Mandy alone because she lost her mother. Mike tells Claire about Joe faking his death and that everyone from Havenport is dead except Emma. He also tells her about Lilly Gray and gives her an update on Ryan. Claire tells Mike that witness protection wants to relocate them again because Joe may want to find his son. Claire tells Mike that she wants to kill Joe.

Robert shows Emma and Joe his new followers from the crazy section of Corbin: Patrick, Tilda, Lucas and Mallory (Lance’s girlfriend). One of the agents tells Ryan that Jeanna used Mendez for her access and that Mendez was not involved. Ryan goes into question Dr. Strauss. Ryan wants to know if Lance is one of the doctor’s other students. Ryan tells Dr. Strauss about Joe’s latest murder streak. Dr. Strauss tells Ryan that he never understood Joe’s need to grandstand.

Claire still wants Joe dead and wants Joe dead in order for her and her son to have a life again. Ryan calls Carrie and asks her if he can trust her. Carrie tells him yes and Ryan tells her that he wants to go on the record. Joe leads another gather and the new message of the week is “No redemption without blood”. Mandy is going to the back of the room while Joe is preaching.

Ryan has his FBI resources bring in Jeanna’s phone and has it traced. A report comes on TV, Carrie is telling the world that Dr. Strauss has been apprehended. Joe thinks that it is no way that Strauss could be locked up. Mandy asks Joe who is Dr. Strauss

Flashback: 1982, Joe meets with Strauss at college. This is his and Joe’s first meeting. Strauss tells Joe that he test shows that he is a psychopath.

Joe calls Jeanna’s cell phone. Ryan picks up the phone while the FBI starts the trace. Joe paused before he replies to Ryan. Emma tries to get Joe off of the phone. Ryan tells Joe that Jeanna is dead. The FBI is trying to trace the call but the location of the call is going through different countries around the world. Joe tells Ryan that he has a few new disciples that are about to reign down holy hell on the world. Joe tells Ryan that he is going to save the world one soul at a time and to sit back and enjoy today’s show. Joe hangs up and throws the phone at the wall. Emma tries to talk to him and Joe just wants a minute alone. Tilda picks out a person at a park to be her victim. The victim looks like someone who used to tease her. Patrick walks up to the man and stabs him. Patrick whispers to the man “No redemption without blood” and finished him off.

Mike comes in and tells Ryan that he was visiting his mom. Max and Ryan get more information on Lance and find out about Mallory. When Ryan leaves the room, Max tells Mike not to lie about where he is. Max called Mike’s mom because she was worried about him. Joe gives a speech about giving blood and sharing the gift of blood and death and kills a cat to prove a point.

Flashback: Joe and Dr. Strauss in his basement. Dr. Strauss shows Joe a corpse and how great it is to kill. Joe tells the doctor that this is against the Bible. Dr. Strauss tells him that, most of what is written in the bible is there to control the masses. Joe fixates on the woman’s eyes.

Mandy is growing uncomfortable with Joe’s actions. Joe asks if anyone wants to kill a cat and one person raises her hand. The woman says that this is not Corbin’s way. Joe tells the rest of the room if they are uncomfortable with this they can leave. Joe tells them that if they are uncomfortable they can leave. Mandy walks out as well. The fantastic four of Corbin go to a neighborhood and it is Lucas’ turn. Lucas points to a man walking his dog. The group asks Lucas why him and he says that he likes dogs. The owner hears his dog bark and goes to check it out. Lucas kills the man and his family.

The FBI and Ryan get to the scene of the family that was just killed. In the house “No redemption without blood” is written on the wall in blood. They are also noted about the person that was killed in the city that had a note with “no redemption without blood” on him. Max calls Ryan and tells him that Mallory was spotted in the city via facial recognition software. Mallory was seen near a place where she used to work.

Emma confronts Mandy about leaving earlier. Emma tells her that this was a test and she failed. Emma tells her that the others were put into the hole. Mandy feels that Emma is threatened by her. Emma tells Mandy to just respect Joe and Emma’s relationship. Mandy doesn’t back down from Emma telling her that “she isn’t the only one that killed her mother.”

Mallory and Patrick walk into the restaurant where Mallory used to work. They sit at the bar and get a drink and Mallory is nervous. She finally picks out a person and follows her into the bathroom. Ryan and Mike drive up to the restaurant with the police lights on. Mallory is in the bathroom with the woman. The woman asks if she is ok. Patrick sees the police lights and gets up. Mallory says “No redemption without blood” and tries cut the woman but the woman leave the bathroom. Patrick catches the woman and holds a knife to her head. Ryan talks Mallory down telling her that her parents miss her and to help him. Of course Ryan asks her where is Joe. Mallory drops the knife and Patrick asks what is she doing? Patrick thinks that Mallory is about to crack so he lets the woman go, grabs Mallory, and slices her throat. Mike shoots Patrick.

Mallory is dead. Ryan wants Mike to check on any local religious groups that believe in blood sacrifices. Joe welcomes back the two of the followers that have returned home (Lucas and Tilda). Joe slices his wrist and smears the blood on their forehead. Joe gives an exciting speech about how death is special and everything is awesome. Joe asks who else wants to be held in high esteem like Lucas and Tilda and everyone screams in excitement.

Carrie comes to Ryan’s house and he tells her that he didn’t find Joe. Carrie tells Ryan that he saved all of those people in the restaurant and he should be thanked with blowjobs. Carrie calls Scott (her handler) and tells him that she isn’t going back to Arizona and that she needs to see Ryan. He tells her it isn’t that simple. She tells him to get on the phone with whomever he needs to but she is going to New York and going to see Ryan.

The Analyst   

Coming off of an episode where we found out that Claire is alive, I expected a little more excitement.