The remaining Contestants prepare to buckle down, as they are lead to the Gnomon School for Visual Effects to face their next challenge. Neville Page briefs them on their forthcoming task, to create a mutant. From a screen, they select their strain of genetically mutated DNA, which will give the inspiration for the challenge.

The Assignments

George: Impenetrable Skin

Nico: Magnetism

Rashaad: Elasticity

Tyler: Wall Crawling

Graham: Tunneling

Daran: Panoramic Vision

Working with Digital Artists, courtesy of Pixelogic, the Contestants work to create a concept for their creatures in ZBrush. Then it’s off to the work room to get started. The remaining group put their noses to the grind stone. Michael Westmore has nothing bad to say this round, only warning Tyler to account for shrinkage. Both days George struggles with the toll the competition is taking on his body, but he works through the pain, hoping to make it to the finale.

On application day, Daran’s plan to include LED lights in his make-up fails. Having to forgo this, the concept for his design falls far short of his original vision. Tyler fabricates foam hair for his piece up until the last minute, and going into last looks.

Judging time comes all too soon. Award winning Designer Valli O’Reilly joins as guest Judge on the panel to help choose this week’s winner. They are unimpressed by Grahams design, and blown away by Tyler and Nico’s work.

Safe: George & Rashaad

Strongest: Nico & Tyler

Weakest: Daran & Graham

Winner: Tyler                 Voted Out: Graham

This episode was so frustrating! Based on the make-up, Daran clearly should have gone home this week! His idea was lacking (No clue how one would see that and think panoramic vision), His piece was poorly sculpted, and poorly painted. Graham’s wasn’t fantastic, but the work executed was better, and the idea was clear. I truly believe that Nico should have won this week too, his magnetic mutant was beautifully done, truly impressive work. Tyler’s make-up was good, really good, but I don’t think it deserved to win this round. Tension is mounting as we get closer to the end. I can’t wait to see who is in the final 3.