So, every other hopped-up nerd site with no ability to find out the real story is getting all hot a bothered over some apparent leaked images from the new Jurassic World film. Seems some artist, Nathan Schroeder, has posted some of his concept art in his online portfolio- like a fool.

Check them out at International Business Times. Really?

You know, it’s funny- it never fails that some young punk will just ignore all the internal emails and signs posted all over set and the art department, and post images online somewhere. A perfect example of incompetence, and ignorance and a sure-fire way to get yourself on the Do-not-call list.

Well, I took the time to call some of my sources to get to the bottom of this, and I am here to tell you that these images are so old that they don’t even matter anymore. This Nathan fella has not worked on concept art for Jurassic World in quite a long time and these are old alternate versions that they bandied about way back when.

As all films work, in Pre-production they will hire a handful of artists to take a stab at different styles until the Production Designer and the Director whittle their way to a mutually agreed on visual. So, don’t get your hopes up that these will be anything close to the final product; just a trigger happy kid posting his work online after he was probably told they are “going in a different direction” and he felt it was safe to show them off.

In related news: A recent spat of emails from the Disney camp have been making their way around the inboxes of the hard working film crews of their recent past and present films reminding everyone that no images are to be released until after the film is in theatres. And truth, they should not be released at all unless you are connected to their marketing department. Even on Fox’s Life of Pi they had to slap more than a few hands when leaked set pics of the tank and tiger were found circulating the Facebook pages of the local crew.

Of course, everyone is excited but… in the end, it is a business. That being said, when Jurassic World fails at the box office Universal can blame the leak of these pics on no one coming because the the world decided not come due to the images being not to their liking.. or something like that. And now you know.

James C.