A few years ago, Pee Wee Herman made a comeback with a stage show that sold out and was just brilliant. One of the people who took notice of the show and realized that there was still money to be made through the character of Pee Wee Herman was Judd Apatow. He set up the deal to make a new Pee Wee Herman movie and said that the movie will be coming soon.

This is the first time I have heard anything about this since he and Paul Reubens began talking about making the movie since the stage show started back in 2011. It sounds like they are getting close, and that Apatow and Reubens have a story in mind as well.

“We’ve kicked around a couple of titles. Pee-wee takes a Holiday — that was one of them,” Apatow said. “But we have a great script that he wrote with a friend of mine, Paul Rust and I think we’re probably going to get to do that soon.

Of course, Pee Wee Herman really hit the mainstream when Tim Burton made Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure back in the 80s, a brilliant follow-up to the Pee-Wee’s Playhouse television show. It took the children’s show and proved that the Pee Wee Herman character was much more subversive (even before he was arrested for playing with some meat in a theater).

Judd Apatow has only said that he will produce the movie, but The Hollywood Reporter made it sound like he will also direct the new Pee Wee Herman movie following his next movie, Trainwreck, which is due to hit in 2015.