This week on The Walking Dead viewers got a glimpse into several of the subgroups from the incident at the prison. We got to see where Rick, Carl, and Michonne were, where Glenn and Tara were, where Daryl and his new group were, and where Maggie, Sasha, and Bob were as well. About time, huh?

The Breakdown

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead entitled Us started with Glenn, Tara, and the group travelling with the scientist who was headed to D.C. Glenn and the others spotted Maggie’s blood-written messages on the signs to Terminus. Glenn was thrilled and began running in that direction to find Maggie.

Rick, Carl, and Michonne were also headed down the tracks while Carl and Michonne joked around and played a little game to win a candy bar.

Daryl was getting used to the rules in his new group (of “bandits”). Daryl killed a rabbit, but before he could claim it for his own he found that he needed to say the word “claimed” in order to keep it. Unfortunately for Daryl, he did not know this and another member of the group (Len) gave Daryl a hard time. The leader, Joe, cut the rabbit in half giving each man a piece. Joe then explained the rules of the group to Daryl. There would be no lying, no stealing, and claiming one’s find needed to be called out. The group soon came across an abandoned mechanic’s garage where they rested for the night.

The Walking Dead

Glenn, Tara, and their new group parted ways at the entrance of a tunnel. Glenn knew that if Maggie could make it through the dark tunnel that he could as well. The rest of the group, with the exception of Tara, decided to backtrack to find a way around the tunnel. Glenn and Tara began to make their way through the tunnel when they discovered it had collapsed inside with walkers buried within the pile of rubble. Glenn began stabbing walkers in the head so that he could climb the heap. After he did so with Tara following, Tara slipped and got stuck in the rubble as walkers came creeping up from further down the tunnel.

Meanwhile, Glenn and Tara’s new group with the scientist found a vehicle and were headed on their way when the scientist stated they needed to stop the vehicle and look around for Glenn and Tara. He believed that the two should have come out of the tunnel around that area. As the leader, Abraham, argued that they should keep moving; they all looked over to see something surprising.

The Walking Dead

Back in the garage, Len accused Daryl of stealing his half of the rabbit. Daryl strongly denied it, but the man kept on. Joe walked up and found that both parts of the rabbit were, in fact, in Daryl’s bag even though Daryl kept denying stealing it. Joe then told the other men to punish Len for lying, taking Daryl’s side. He then explained to Daryl that he saw Len put the rabbit into Daryl’s bag in order to frame him. The men beat Len to death.

As Glenn tried to free Tara she kept telling him to go on without her, even though more and more walkers were approaching. Suddenly, gunfire rang out from the end of the tunnel, taking down the walkers that were approaching. When Glenn looked up to see who had just saved him, he saw Maggie! They ran to each other as Tara saw that the group they had just left at the tunnel entrance had caught up with Maggie and her group, so they all saved them.

As Daryl and his new group left the mechanics garage, minus Len who was beaten to death, Joe told Daryl about losing a member of their group. He described a house where his friend was strangled and that one of the group saw who did it. He stated that, that is who they are after at this point.

The Walking Dead

Glenn, Maggie, Tara, Sasha, Bob, and the rest of the group continued on their way until they found Terminus. The building had the large letters across the top of the windows and a fence surrounded the area. The large group went through the fence to a woman grilling food. The woman named Mary welcomed them to Terminus.

The Analysis

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead laid the ground work for the season finale next week.  The groups are slowly coming together and more is making sense now. Any guesses on who it is that Daryl’s new group is looking for, for the death of their friend…which happened in a house?

I think I can speak for a huge audience when I say that I am happy Glenn and Maggie found each other. Although at this point, I would be thrilled for any of the groups to find each other and reunite! I honestly did not think Glenn and Maggie would reunite yet; I thought it would happen, but not until later.

The Walking Dead

I am very anxious for Daryl and his new group to find Terminus as well. That rough-and-tough group should make for an interesting welcome by the Mary who was grilling food. I wonder if Daryl will abandon them quickly once he meets up with some of his old team. I hope so, but you never know! Daryl probably feels a sense of familiarity with this group over the goodie-goodie’s he has been with since he entered the show. Is Daryl a changed man? – Maybe! And maybe once he sees Carol all bets will be off. And still, what happened to Beth? We have not seen anything since she was taken!

Terminus certainly looks like an interesting place. I keep having flashbacks of Woodbury and the secret things that went on there with the Governor. So, although I have high hopes for a safe haven for our favorite characters, I am just not sure yet that this is it. Next week should bring more of the groups to Terminus and hopefully the season finale will explode with some great scenes and surprises!

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Walking Dead? Did you think that Glenn and Maggie would find each other this soon or did you think it would happen later at Terminus (or at all)?