The day has come that Laura Palmer whispered in Agent Cooper’s ear while he dream visited her in the Red Room. 25 years later and Twin Peaks is still talked about as if it were still airing on those chilling Thursday nights. The mystery that shook the world, “She’s dead. Wrapped in Plastic.” said Pete Martell of the cold, wet body he discovered on the shore as he was heading out to do a little fishing. And here we are, Thirty Episodes and one movie later, still asking the immortal question, “How’s Annie?”

And coming later this week is the Complete Blu-ray release colon The Complete Mystery that might have, well… the entire cherry pie. What the fans are clamouring for is those pesky deleted scenes from the Prequel, Fire Walk With Me. And, story has it, it does. 45 minutes worth. Jimminy Crackers.

The pre-order page has appeared on Amazon France but their is little information on there besides it being 10 disks. They are calling it Twin Peaks – L’intégrale. To be released June 11 of this year. Also, rumour has it Paramount Australia is thinking to release the episodes on Blu-ray next month.

Also, the great Twin Peaks fan site, Welcome to Twin Peaks has confirmed that, “…the Blu-ray should include the full length videos of all Q&A sessions with cast and crew from the USC’s Twin Peaks Retrospective in the first half of 2013.”

Of course, all the episodes are on Netflix, and iTunes so if anyone is looking to get onboard beforehand, you are only an 8dollar purchase away (in fact, the first month is free if you are new- Say What?). The television series that started it all; all you The Killing fans, you Murder One fans, Picket Fences, Northern Exposure… hell, Men in Trees. All would not be around if it wasn’t for this show.

We may never know whether Coop ever fully comes back from his foray into the Black Lodge, but we can guarantee that this is the year we all go back to Twin Peaks.

James C.