Causing every male over twenty-five to prematurely ejaculate March 20th, the Holy Crap she’s still alive, Nikki Finke released a tweet telling us her sources say the two directors responsible for the almost perfect Lego Movie might be attached to Ghostbusters 3. Fresh off the heels of the God that brought us Cannibal Girls leaving the project, and the death of Harold Ramis it seems that Hollywood is not strapping the black band around their arms and leaving this horse alone.

With Egon gone, and Venkman affirming that he will not be back we seem to be in a mirror situation of 1969-70s Monkees. Oh Peter left, alright. Oh, Mike left. Uhm, Will they be called Monkee next? I kid. I love them… I really do.

All kidding aside, where does it end? Lord knows we need another movie since Ghostbusters 2 was so dreadful, so with Akroyd not writing this time maybe we have a chance. Maybe we won’t have people acting out of character and tired reused jokes filling out the 90 minutes. Maybe, Phil Lord & Chris Miller, can pull their collective remembrances of their childhood and dig out the parts of Ghostbusters that worked and throw out the parts they we mis-remember as good. My two cents, make the ghost story first and then pepper the jokes in later, or call Edgar Wright for tips.

On a story that is all bad news and funerals this might be the most exciting carrot we have. Here’s hoping that Akroyd isn’t abducted by aliens, but who am I kidding- I’m coming back for Ernie Hudson, hisownself. That guy can do no wrong. I heard he is in Mob City. Sheeeeit! did that even air?

If all the pieces come together Ghostbusters 3 may start filming as early as next Spring, but let’s see how well 22 Jump Street does, first. If Miller & Lord, pull off that film, another sequel that has such a high bar to hit that, we might see them either disappear forever, or be everywhere. Until then, I’ll stick to my IDW Ghostbusters comics.

James C.