Joe CornishBritish born Writer and Director Joe Cornish recently announced his next project, a thriller about the beginnings of MI-6, the British Intelligence Agency. The screenplay by relatively unknown Writer Aaron Berg caused a fierce bidding war among the major movie studios. Warner Bros., Fox, Paramount and Sony all made a play for the rights, but in the end Universal won out. They met the list of demands by the Writer and Reps. and shelled out 1.2 million for the privilege to make the film. Rarely these days do Writers get to make the studios sweat, so this script must really be something.

Joe Cornish is known more for his writing (Adventures of Tintin and the forth coming Ant-Man), having only one major directing credit to his name with Attack Joe Cornishthe Block, but studios seem to be willing to take risks more often on less tried and true talent as of late.
 The film, described as ‘high concept’, is set in WWI  focusing on MI-6’s first Director, Sir George Mansfield Cummings and the forming of MI-6. A spy thriller mixing reality with fiction, it will star Jack O’Connell, who played James Cook on Britain’s hit tv show Skins, and the character of Calisto in 300: Rise of an Empire.
A first time Writer, an up and coming starring Actor and a relatively new Director on one of the most sought after screenplays in ages…this folks, should be interesting. They say that fortune favors the brave, as a fan of the spy film genre, I can’t wait to see the result.
Source: /Film