The Breakdown

Micah is watching Lilly Gray on the news with Joe. Micah wants to make a splash like Lilly did. Micah tells Joe that he is dead. Joe tells Micah that he made more than a splash. Micah films a message for the world and can not get his lines straight.  Joe calls Jenna to get help for the plan that Joe has put together for Micah. Micah is sending one of his own (Robin) with Emma to pull the job off. Micah also sends Lance with them. Lance is fresh out of the cult’s loony bin to go with them. Joe does not like this. Max has sorted out all of the FBI agents that has access to Joe Carroll’s file and has come up with a list of 6 names, Mendez is at the head of the list. Max runs into Mendez in a disguise and plants a tracking device on her. Ryan approaches Mendez about her security clearance being compromised and that someone has been accessing old emails. After Ryan leaves Mendez, She leaves her car, takes her gun and takes the SIM card out of her phone and grabs a taxi. Mike and Ryan follow her.

Joe sends Micah’s video message with Emma, Lance and Robin. Mendez goes to Jenna’s house to talk to her. Jenna is trying to avoid talking when Mendez tells her that they need to talk alone. Joe walks in on Micah praying about what to do with Julia. Joe tells Micah that he killed his wife but he loved her very much. Micah tells Joe that he could never harm Julia. Joe tells him that he understands. Mendez asks about an episode that Jenna had after she had a baby. Jenna calls it postpartum when Mendez tells her it was a psychotic attack because Jenna killed a dog. Jenna tries to defend herself and Mendez tells Jenna that she knows she used her security clearance and Jenna stabs Mendez and takes her gun. Jenna walks in the house like nothing is wrong and asks if anyone wants more pizza.

Ryan and Mike get to Jenna’s house. Jenna’s guest ask where is Gina (Mendez) and she tells them that she is in the garage. Jenna goes upstairs and packs a bag. Ryan knocks on the door and asks for Gina. Jenna’s guest tells him that Gina is in the garage. Ryan goes into the garage and finds Gina, still alive and calls for am ambulance. Jenna walks down the stairs and finds Mike. She asks who is he and she pulls a gun out on him. Ryan comes along, gun drawn, and asks where is Carroll. Jenna asks Ryan is Joe all he cares about. She then goes on a crazy rant about the world falling apart. Jenna says that it doesn’t matter anymore and shots herself. Julia is taken to a room with Micah and sees him playing with a gun. Julia calla Micah crazy and thinks that Joe is controlling him. Micah thinks that Joe is a prophet that has been sent to guide them. Micah feels that he is evolving and she should as well. Julia gives in and feels it is her duty to love and support him. As soon as Micah’s back is turned Julia grabs the gun and tries to shoot Micah and finds that the gun is not loaded. Micah was testing Julia. Joe comes in and strangles Julia. Micah thanks Joe.

Mendez is alive and is worried about the kids. Mike steals Jenna’s cell phone but it is encrypted so he sent it to Max. Lance, Robin and Emma walk into a book store. Max cracks Jenna’s phone and finds out that the group is targeting Carrie at her book signing. Emma is in the line to have her book signed. She has on a wig and glasses and takes them off when she gets to Carrie. Emma tells Carrie that she wants Carrie to sign the book for her friend Joe Carroll. Robin and Lance put on white masks and begin stabbing everyone that they can get their hands on. Emma puts on a white mask and finds Carrie. Emma gives her the hard drive with a message and tells her to share it with the world or she will come for her and everyone she loves. Robin and Emma leave but they can’t find Lance. Lance takes off his mask and poses as a hurt victim.

Ryan and Mike get to the bookstore. Carrie tells them that she only saw 2 people while the in-house security says the tape shows 3. Ryan asks Carrie if Emma said anything to her and Carrie replies no. Lance is trying to leave the premises and starts walking around all weird when the police tells him that he has to stay. Lance finds Carrie and holds a knife to her neck. Ryan tells one of the cops not to shot and the cop shoots Lance anyway. Emma and Robin are back at cult camp and they tell him that they left Lance. Joe doesn’t mind. Micah, Joe, Robin and Emma toast to Micah about to change the world when Carrie comes on TV playing the video they recorded. Joe not Micah is on the message. Micah wonders what is going on and starts to choke and foam at the mouth. On the video Joe reveled that he is alive and from now on no one is safe. Joe says that he is bring salvation to the world and that this is the “age of Joe Carroll and that his name will live forever”. Mike wants to know if Carrie told Ryan about the video and Ryan says no. Joe leans over Micah and tells him that he is going home now and that they all are waiting for him.

Max tells Ryan not to be so hard on Carrie because Joe was threatening her and Ryan thinks that Max is taking up for her. Mike leaves after he gets a phone call. Joe explains to Robin that Micah is going home and has been given life’s greatest reward. Joe wants Robin to spread the good word about Micah’s death. Robin is the one that poisoned Micah. Joe wants Emma to keep tabs on Robin to make sure that he doesn’t stray. Mike goes to a garage and meets someone and gets into a black SUV. Robin leads the reception of Joe to the crazy cult. Robin calls Joe a prophet and tells everyone that Joe will lead them on the path to salvation. Robin leads a chant of praise Joe and the audience chimes in. Joe puts on a cloak and raises his hands to the crowd as if he is the 2nd coming. Carries goes to Ryan’s house (under police escort). Carrie thinks that he is mad with him. Ryan tells her that it will only last a few days. Mike goes to a warehouse and puts on a hood and switches cars. Carrie is about to leave, Ryan on second thought thinks to bang Carrie. Mike finally gets to his destination. He takes off of his hood and goes into a hotel with FBI agents. Mike walks into a room and sees Claire alive and well.

The Analyst

Well Damn, Claire Carroll is alive? Why is Claire under police protection? Is it from Ryan. The FBI thought that Joe was dead when Claire was stabbed so they can’t be protecting her from Joe. Ryan not telling Max or Ryan but mean that for some reason the FBi doesn’t want Ryan to know about Claire. What will Joe do when he finds out that Claire isn’t the only one that can escape death. Well all Carrollites Hail Joe!