The biggest thing that comic book fans should fear is an over-saturation in the market. There are people out there who wish comic book movies would go away because those people only care about what they like and don’t want the rest of us to be happy. If Marvel Movie’s latest tease comes to fruition then that over-saturation could come true.

Marvel head Kevin Feige said that, if the Marvel movies continue to grow in popularity over the next few years, they could start to make three to four movies ever year – just from Marvel.

That is scary because you also have to add in Fox making Fantastic Four and X-Men movies, Sony opening up the Spider-Man universe, and Warner Bros trying to kick start the DC Universe of movies.

For casual movie fans, of which maybe more than 80 percent of the box office consists of, that could induce a major burnout and many, many comic book movies would start flopping at the box office.

Honestly, there is no difference between releasing five comic book movies a year and releasing 20 horror movies a year. However, what has happened to horror is that very few of those movies make a lot of money so most are made on small budgets. They have their fans and will make back the small budgets.

Comic book movies are, by nature, big budget affairs, but their competition is for other blockbuster action movies. When there is more competition and the budgets are higher, there is more of a chance of not making the money back. With the exception of people like me, will the general public want to pay for five or six comic book movies every year?

I think two Marvel produced movies, one a sequel and one a new property, each year is perfect. Then add in something from Fox, a new Spider-Man movie and something from DC Comics, and that is five right there. That is enough and – honestly – Marvel and X-Men (and Batman maybe) will be the ones who win out for most the audience. Adding any more Marvel movies would be too risky to seeing the floor fall out from the entire industry.

Source: Badass Digest