Just yesterday, there was an article on a movie blog where the author was ruminating that there would never be a sequel to their very popular superhero movie The Incredibles. Well, that was perfect timing because Pixar tweeted today that they are working on an Incredibles sequel as well as a third Cars movie.

Of course, the emotions ran from total excitement about an Incredibles sequel to groans of another Cars movie. There have also been hints of worry that the new Incredibles sequel will – in no way – live up to the original movie.

Because, you know, the Toy Story franchise just got worse and worse as they continued on through their sequels.

I am actually happy about both bits of news. First off, Cars 2 was not that bad of a movie and had some really clever homages to classic spy movies. Plus, the kids love the Cars movies and the hate for them is just group hate because they don’t live up to the “prestige” of other Pixar movies.

However, the big news here is the Incredibles sequel. The biggest worries are that Brad Bird is not returning to direct it. However, he is writing the movie, so I don’t think that should be a big deal. Honestly, Toy Story 3 had a new director, as John Lasseter helmed the first two and Lee Unkrich directed the third, and that was the best of the entire series.

For those worried that Pixar is turning into a sequel machine (which I guess is a bad thing for Pixar but ok for Marvel), the company still has Inside Out, coming from the director of Up, and The Good Dinosaur. There are also plans for a movie based around the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos).

Source: Twitter