A recent Cabletv.com interview of Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead sparks some interesting thoughts into the character of Daryl and the remainder of Season 4.

Probably like many of the viewers, I was very unsure about the character of Daryl in the early stages of the show. I honestly did not expect him to be around as long as he has or find his way into a huge fan base. Daryl is the rough, tough, no-nonsense character that not only worked his way into our favorite character list, but also found his way into the heart of Carol, played by Melissa McBride.

Speaking of Carol, what were Reedus’s thoughts on finding out that Rick had banished her from the prison? He talked about how they had redone the scene a few times and left the conversation “open-ended”, which is exactly how I felt once Daryl was told. I had been looking forward to that conversation for a couple of episodes before it actually happened. Then, it was over so quickly and there were no fireworks, which really I expected. But as Reedus explained in his interview, this was the way they decided to wrap up the scene. They left the conversation open as if they would come back to it later. However, as we all know that is when the Governor’s attack took place and there had not been another opportunity to discuss it. Will that change? Maybe if Daryl and Rick end up back in each other’s company it will. But, now that Carol might be back in their company as well, perhaps the point will be moot.

Going back to the Governor’s attack, Reedus was asked if he wanted Daryl to be the one who finally took down the Governor. He stated that the other characters had their reasons to kill the Governor so they were “fighting” over who would be the one. I was thrilled when Michonne plunged her sword into his back and left him there for the walkers, but was a bit disappointed when Lilly walked up and took the final shot. He should have been left there for dead if you ask me.

In regards to Daryl’s look, Reedus mostly joked about the length of his hair and trying to keep it right for the story line. I actually find this funny because I have thought about it while watching the show. The guys, like Daryl and Hershel, grew long hair. But, women like Carol managed to keep it cut short and stylish. How is that?

A little nugget that some viewers might like to know is that the cast seems close behind the cameras. Reedus said that he is friends with Scott Wilson, who played Hershel, and also mentioned that he was a bummed when they filmed the episode losing both Hershel and the Governor, played by David Morissey.

When asked about the second half of Season 4, Reedus commented that it will be “controversial and so intense and well done”. He spoke highly of the writing, the acting, and the directing. So, if you have fallen behind on the second half of Season 4, then you better catch up!

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.

Source: Cabletv.com