The Breakdown

Mark goes to Luke’s room and finds him acting odd. There are moans coming from Luke’s room. Luke doesn’t want Mark to come into his room. He tells him that Giselle is in there and they have a thing going on. Mark barrels into the room to find Giselle laying dead. Luke tells Mark that she is “just sleeping” and begins to freak out. Mark asks Luke who did this and Luke replies “Ryan Hardy.”

Mendez shoots down Mike’s theory that Joe Carroll is still alive. Max comes back to the hotel to help Ryan change his bandages. Ryan calls Mike and tells him that Lilly has a family of killers with her. Lilly is still in bed with Carroll and is trying to get him to go to Venezuela because the cops will find them soon. Joe is a little apprehensive and feels they have other options. Lilly has found out that Giselle is dead. Giselle told Luke where Ryan and Max where staying and he wants to kill Ryan. Lilly is prepared to leave the country. She warns Luke and Mark not to tell Joe or Emma about Ryan being near them.

Mike comes to the hotel and thinks the FBI has a leak. Mandy tells Emma that Joe and Lilly had sex. Emma wants to know why everyone is packing. Mike shows Ryan the picture of Joe and Mandy. Mike doesn’t want to get the FBI involved if Joe has someone the inside. Ryan and Mike ambush the twins. Joe comes clean to Emma and tells her he doesn’t want to disappoint another group of people. He says that he has an epic plan and will never take her loyalty for granted again. Mandy is watching this whole scene. Luke tells Mike, Max and Ryan that Joe is alive and well. Mandy tips Lilly off that Joe doesn’t want to go to Venezuela. Lilly calls Luke’s phone and Ryan answers, Ryan wants to trade Luke for Joe. Lilly drugs Joe. Mandy tells Emma that they are supposed to meet up Lilly and the rest of the gang at the airstrip. Emma knows something is wrong, they run upstairs and find Joe asleep still. At the meeting place. Max shows up with Luke while Mike watches her back. Mark and Lilly have someone in a Joe Carroll mask. Lilly wants to know where is Ryan?

Lilly and Mark have the hotel owner in the Carroll mask. Mike has everyone drop their guns and dares someone to make a move. Emma finally gets Joe up and as they try to leave, one of Lillie’s “family members” holds them at gunpoint. She tells them they aren’t leaving until Lilly calls. Joe tells her she isn’t going to shoot him. She points the gun on Emma, Joe stabs her and they leave.  Lilly stabs the guy in the mask. Mike stabs Luke. After all that Mike lets Luke go and Mark grabs his gun back and starts shooting. Lilly and Mark escape to the woods and Mike looses them. Ryan tries to sneak into the house (that Lilly and the gang where) and Sammy attacks him. Ryan kills Sammy.

Mendez gets word of the woman house in Stratford that Ryan, Luke and Giselle shot up. Ryan finds Remela laying on the floor and asks her where Carroll is, she says nothing. Ryan looks out the window, and as if he’d seen a ghost, sees Joe. He asks Remela again where are they going and she tells him the airstrip. Ryan runs outside to see the back of the car Joe left in. Joe has Emma call Mark and he tells her that the plan went to hell and to meet them at the airstrip. In the car Mark asks his mother where is Luke? Mike shoots out the car windows and Luke tries to tackle Mike from behind. Mike shoots Luke and Mark wants to go back and get him. Lilly tells Mark to drive it’s too late. Joe, Emma and Mandy get to the airstrip and Joe tells the pilot that the have to leave fast. As they are about to enter the plane, Joe gets a call and replies “What”? Mike shoots at the car again and Luke gets up and fights Mike. Mike gets the better of Luke and begins to beat him to a bloody pulp. Max finally makes her way to the scene and draws her gun to get Mike to stop beating the daylights out of Luke. The plane that Joe and the gang are in is about to take off when Ryan drives onto the airstrip. He is followed by ground police and air units. The plane stops and Ryan asks where are his passengers? Ryan finds that the plane is empty.

Ryan is told by the pilot that Joe got a call and left the plane. Mendez hammers Ryan about ruining Max and Mike’s careers as well. Ryan asks Mike “what’s wrong”? After seeing Luke’s blood on him. Ryan thinks that Mike is flying off of the handle as if Ryan is the only one allowed to get in too deep. Mike tells Max that Luke is alive and they are taking him to a high security hospital. Ryan tells them that they really can’t trust anyone other than themselves now. Joe gets off the phone with Joanna and Emma gets jealous again and asks who is that. Joe explains that she is their former FBI consultant that helps them out. Lilly calls Emma and Joe has her put it on speaker. Lilly tells Joe that the roads are blocked, they couldn’t get to the plane and that Luke is dead. Joe tells Lillie that he, Mandy and Emma are fine. Lilly gets upset. Joe tells her that he didn’t much care for Luke anyway. Joe tells her that she crossed him, drugged him and tried to control him and is done with her family of psychos and hangs up on her. Emma and Mandy get a good laugh out of that one. Lilly gets out of the car, throws a fit and blows a few chunks, Mark gives her a warm embrace. 

The Analyst 

Wow ok something tells me that some weird not so mother and son touching is going to go on between Lilly and Mark now that Luke is gone (or so they think). With Ryan getting everyone he knows fired how is his little band of vigilantes going to move forward from here?  I love how Ryan got mad with Mike twice for going a little too far when it came to handling the twins but when it comes to Hardy getting justice all bets are off. The best part of this show that they have yet to touch on is how are Joe, Emma and Mandy’s little murderous menage going to work out? I know that Mandy is about 7 in Southern years. (No offense to people in the south but Mandy is portrayed as a black hillbilly that has never seen; those clear walls in a house that let you see outside, TV’s that you can type on or toilets that make your poop go away all by them-selves) It would be so much better if I could have said that in her accent. Yes there hasn’t been anything sexual or remotely physical between Mandy and Joe but she’s a woman. It WILL happen.