Sony announced that the Spider-Man franchise will start releasing a new movie every year, although how that will work is still unknown. What is known is that Marc Webb, who directed the first two Amazing Spider-Man movies, will return for the third, which will hit in 2016.

Andrew Garfield has said that he is only signed through the first three movies and Sony announced that Amazing Spider-Man 3 will complete Webb’s trilogy of Spider-Man movies. This makes it sound like, instead of a giant interconnected world and stories like Marvel’s Avengers franchise, these movies might be more like comics where there are different stories told throughout the Spider-Man franchise.

Already rumored for the Spider-Man franchise are a Venom solo movie and a film starring the villains in the Sinister Six. The Sinister Six is highly rumored to be Spider-Man’s villains in the third movie as well.

Alex Kurtzman has signed on to direct the Venom movie and Drew Goddard will direct The Sinister Six. Sony has set aside May 2018 for Amazing Spider-Man 4, so it is unclear which of those movies will screen in 2017 and which will be held off until 2019. If Venom doesn’t appear in Amazing Spider-Man 3, which he really shouldn’t, I can see him getting his own movie in 2017 and maybe have Spider-Man meet up with him in the fourth Amazing Spider-Man movie.

What are your thoughts about a new Spider-Man franchise movie hitting theaters every year? Is there enough to go around? Chime in in the comment section below with your thoughts.

Source: Collider