I complained when the new Godzilla poster came out because it spoiled the entire design of the Godzilla monster on a poster that anyone can see when they go to the theater. I was hoping it would be kept more under wraps with just teases here and there. The second Godzilla trailer did it that way and it is almost a perfect trailer.

In the second Godzilla trailer, we get to learn some more about the plot, including how long Godzilla has been around and what the people who knew about the monster has been doing to try to stop it.

We also get some nice shots of destruction – both from a distance and from the aftermath.

However, the one thing the second Godzilla trailer does not do is give away any of the big money shots of the monster itself. We get a couple of glimpses and then we get a look at it towards the end – but only for a moment before it goes out of the shot.

This is how you tease a monster movie. It reminds me of how perfectly Cloverfield was promoted giving away very little. It even has the Statue of Liberty to complete that comparison as well. Great trailer.

Watch the second Godzilla trailer above and let us know what you think in the comment section.