McKenzie along with Howard Berger lead the Contestants to an open field to set up this week’s Foundation Challenge. In teams of 2, the challenge to transform a crowd of 10 extras each into a clan of Orcs. Matt and Corinne assembly line the process, working well together they take a strong lead in time management. Chloe and George go beyond the obvious and pull colors from beyond just the banner bearing their Orc clans sigil. Both strong teams, but Corinne and Matt take the win, Corinne coming out on top with immunity for her paint choices.
For the Spotlight challenge reveal the team is taken to swamp land, in teams of 2 the Contestants choose coordinates on a screen that reveal the Cryptic Creature they must create.
The Assignments          
Graham & Rashaad: The Bunyip from Australia
Matt & Corinne: The Jersey Devil
Niko & George: The Vodyanoy from Russia
Chloe & Tyler: The Mapinguari from The Amazon
Daran & Cat: The Chupacabra from Mexico
After learning of their assignments, the team is met by legendary creature actor Doug Jones, this week’s special guest Judge.
The teams take time to sketch, struggling with how to incorporate the little they know about the myths behind the creatures they must create.
Back at the workroom the teams work well together, save for Cat and Daran. Cat struggles to find her voice, as Daran takes the lead and treats her like an assistant. Matt feels that Corinne’s choice to go subtle will hurt their chances in judging, and worries that her immunity will result in him going home.
Safe: Corinne
Strongest: Tyler & Chloe, Rashaad & Graham
Weakest: Corrine & Matt, Daran & Cat
This Week’s Winning Team: Tyler & Chloe
Overall Winner: Tyler        Voted Out: Matt
Though I think it wouldn’t have been long until he was voted off, it was sad to see Matt voted out for a team challenge that he didn’t take the lead on. I definitely agreed on the top teams, but thought Rashaad and Graham’s Bunyip was the stronger makeup. The tongue Tyler created was well done, but I prefer the overall integrated look of Rashaad and Graham’s piece. As the Judges said, it looked like it was sculpted by one person, not two, and that is an achievement in the world of practical effects.