As a Stephen King fan and a dollar baby filmmaker, I feel I have pretty good knowledge of King’s work, but this is news about something that I am completely unfamiliar with. Universal TV is developing a new television series based on King’s short story Ayana.

I had never heard of Ayana.

Well, the reason is because it was published in the short story anthology Just After Sunset, which I have but have only read two or three stories from the book.  The story is about a blind seven-year-old girl who kisses the narrator’s father, who is dying of cancer and heals him. Then the narrator has to repay him and is called on to do so later in life.

Chris Sparling (Buried) is writing the pilot and Ben Haber (The Smurfs) is producing the Ayana TV show. NBC will be in contention for airing the show but Universal TV will shop it around to other networks as well.

There seems to be a rise in Stephen King’s popularity once again. Under the Dome was a nice success in its first season (read our season one Under the Dome recaps) and Haven is is lot of fun, based on King’s Colorado Kid (read our recaps of this season of Haven). There is also a number of movies on the way, including adaptations of Cell, A Good Marriage, Pet Semetary, Gramma, It, The Ten O’Clock People and The Dark Tower.

Tonight, I am heading off to read Ayana.

Source: The Wrap