Well, this is a good news-bad news scenario. For a few months now, film fans in the U.S. have been worrying about the South Korean sci-fi movie Snowpiercer, a film that has gotten fantastic reviews worldwide. The reviews were so good that the Weinstein company picked it up and Harvey decided to cut it to make it easier for us dumb people in the Midwest to understand.

See, Harvey said that he felt people in Oklahoma and Iowa wouldn’t get it unless he dumbed it down. As an Oklahoman, I respond with a polite one finger salute to Mr. Weinstein. Well, director Bong Joon-Ho (The Host) fought Harvey Scissor-Hands and won.

It sounds like the original Snowpiercer director’s cut will be what is shown in the United States after all. That is the good news. The bad news is that, because it is the director’s cut, Harvey and his company will only release it in a limited run and not a wide release.

While it sounds like Harvey is being petty for not getting his way, the reasoning given by the Weinstein company is that the director’s cut is 2.5 hours, which is not something that warrants a wide release for a foreign made sci-fi movie. Never mind that it stars American actors like Chris Evans, Ed Harris and Tilda Swinton.

But, whatever, at least we will get the movie that the rest of the world loves and not something that Harvey deems easier for us in Oklahoma to understand.

Also, Keep your eyes out here on Renegade Cinema as Titan Comics have sent me the first Snowpiercer graphic novel for which the movie is based and I will have  a review up for that shortly.

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Source: Deadline