Neil Gaiman has a blog that I read every time he updates it. The guy is just an incredibly interesting author and even his every day thoughts and conversation is an interesting read. Well, he posted yesterday that he just saw the new movie, Winter’s Tale, and it is his opinion that everyone needs to see it.

I’ll be honest, from the look of the trailers, it looks like nothing I care about seeing. It looks like another reincarnation or time travel love story. All the trailers really show is Colin Farrell falling in love with a dying woman in the past while Russell Crowe wants to kill him and then he ends up in present day with Jennifer Connelly, trying to figure out what is going on.

According to Neil Gaiman, that is NOT what this movie is about.

It’s a fantasy movie, with demons and angels and a flying horse: it contains a noble burglar, a beautiful dying pianist, an absolutely terrifying Russell Crowe, ¬†Will Smith stealing scenes as Lucifer, and New York, New York all the way.

If you like fantasy, or New York, or magical realism, you should see it. You really should.

WOW. I never would have realized that from the Winter’s Tale movie trailer. The movie is based on the novel by John Crowley, which Neil Gaiman also recommends, and suddenly this has become a movie I have to see. Click here to buy the Winter’s Tale eBook and click here to see where it is showing close to you.

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Source: Neil Gaiman