The Breakdown

Joe and Mandy go to a suburban neighborhood and scope out a woman and her two kids. Mandy says to Joe that the woman looks nice, Joe agrees. The woman gets in her house and goes downstairs where her daughter is playing, she asks her daughter where is her son? The daughter says the man took him. The woman goes outside where Joe is holding, Billy the kid. Joe tells her children are so precious aren’t they Jenna  The woman has a knife in her hand, notices its Joe and runs up to hug him. Max still wants to help Ryan even tho the FBI are all over them.

Mendez briefs Mike and the FBI about Lilly being a billionaire and that Mark and Luke are her children. Mark drives Lilly up to a huge house where Luke is. Lilly tells Mark that she didn’t want them to kill Carlos, Mark tells his mom that is was Luke idea. Lilly wants to know why Mark didn’t kill David, the man who was injured at the gallery (and Lillie’s business partner). Lilly has tasked Giselle to finish Mark’s work. Lilly walks into the house and two African American men welcome her and call her mother. Lilly is happy that one of them is learning English. Another lady comes out too saying she has cooked Lillie’s favorite. Emma has also been brought there and Lily welcomes her with open arms and Emma stares at her blankly.

Family Affair

Joe talks with Jenna about that fact that he was supposed to come her as instructed by Rodrick. They both go to the back of the house to get something. A woman slips inside and building, when a tenant leaves. Mendez is at David’s house and a lawyer will not let him in. Ryan is outside on the phone with Max and he gets a feeling he is not there. Giselle is the woman who went into the building and sneaks into the apartment where David is, she grabs a laptop of his grabs a few files. David comes out and he sees her (he knows who she is) He asks about Lilly, Giselle tells David to take some pills, he is hesitant and she grabs a fancy  rope and strangles him to death. Giselle gets a rush from killing him.

Mike goes to Max to tell her to get Mike to stop searching after Carroll, as he is dead. Joe is still with Jenna, she gives him passports, money and makes an ID with his new bearded face on it. She also give him an update on Joey, who is in witness protection with his grandmother. Joe also tells her that someone has been trying to get in contact with him (something that only a few people know how to do) and if it is safe for him to respond.

Family Affair

Lilly talks to Emma to grow close to her. Lilly tells Emma that Mark and Luke are different and she tried to surround them with like-minded people and that why she feels so close to Joe. Emma tells her that is what Joe did for them. Ryan finds the apartment where David was, passes Giselle on the way. He enters sees David on the floor and rushes out and finds Giselle. Giselle drives out of a garage almost hitting Ryan. Ryan grabs his phone and takes pics of the license plates.

A phone rings at Lillie house, its Joe’s line. Luke rushes it out to Emma. Joe answers. Emma cries as she finds out that he is still alive. Joe asks Emma are the twins and Lilly friends. Emma pauses and says that they are. Lilly wants Luke to go with Emma to pick up Joe, Lilly doesn’t quite trust Emma yet. Joe and Mandy are still at Jenna’s house and Mandy wants to know if Joe will kill Jenna. Joe tells her that Jenna is a friend and if she knows the difference between that and what happened with her mom. Mandy says no. Joe explains that death is a joy but loses it value if given to everyone so they must be careful who they share the gift with. Mendez had Ryan arrested after he gives up no information but is at the scene of David’s murder.

Family Affair

Mendez and Mike don’t really question Ryan but let him go. When Mendez leaves the room Mike tries to give Ryan his old phone and asks to help him which Ryan declines. Max has found the car and Giselle and has been calling Ryan. When he gets out of holding with the FBI, he answers his phone.

Max tells her where she is and where Giselle is, Max is still sitting beside Giselle. Emma is waiting with Luke in a graveyard waiting for Joe. Luke is wondering is he coming because he is late. Joe and Mandy come from out of the shadows. Emma hugs Joe and starts crying. Emma then starts hitting him and Luke comes to try to get her off of him and Joe stops him. Emma just keeps asking Joe, “WHY, WHY, WHY. Joe just tells her that he is back.

Family Affair

Ryan tells Max that she shouldn’t be there. He also tells Max not to follow Giselle, Giselle is leaving the coffee-house. Max follows Giselle because she’s a pig-headed cop. Max loses her for a while and Giselle finds Max and punches her in the face. Giselle breaks out a bit of karate and kicks Max’s ass. Max finally gets Giselle on the ground and when a crowd forms she turns to them and yells “I’m NYPD it’s ok”. Giselle then hits Max and runs to the train station. Ryan catches up with Max and they track Giselle to the subway cars.

They split up and on different platforms Max sees Giselle on Ryan’s side. A train passes and Ryan losses her. He walks a few feet and Giselle attacks him. He starts to beat her up and bashes her head against the subway car. Giselle, with a bloody mouth yells “he’s got a gun”. Two men grab Ryan. He then yells “I’m a federal agent”. Giselle gets on the train and is gone. Mendez gets a phone call and tells the person on the other end they she can’t get the kids because she is working. Mendez is speaking to Jenna (the woman Joe went to for help) and tells her it’s fine, I’m not working a case because you made me quit the bureau. Joe, Emma and Luke come back to the house. Joe sees Lilly standing there and gives her a rather inviting “Hello”. Ryan calls Max to tell her that she lost her, he asks her where she is. Max tells Ryan that she got on the train.

Family Affair

The Analyst 

The band is back together again! Joe Emma and a new house of crazy. Lilly and her bunch have to be extremely crazy if Emma (in the previews for next week) tells Joe that Lilly and the boy are crazy. Anytime Emma says someone is crazy THERE IS A PROBLEM. As for Lilly, when Joe greeted her, he seemed as if he knew her. When Emma and Lilly where talking privately Lilly didn’t say that she had ever met Joe. It will be interesting to see if Lilly was one of Joe’s groupies or pen pals. Jenna is the new wildcard and proof that Joe has people everywhere. This is sick! I also hope *fingers cross* that Max isn’t a dead girl, I would assume not as she is Ryan only hope to catching Carroll as the FBI doesn’t seem to want to make him a “consultant” again.