Back from the mid-season break, The Walking Dead shows us what happened after the battle at the prison between both walkers and the Governor’s team.

The Breakdown

This week was the return of The Walking Dead after an exciting mid-season finale a few months ago. When that finale ended, it appeared that survivors from the prison were split up into smaller groups. This week picked up with Rick and Carl fleeing the burning prison as they cried over losing Judith.

The two headed down a long road where Carl kept walking fast ahead of Rick who was struggling to walk from his injuries. Carl’s mood was obviously soured and even after Rick asked him to slow down, he continued at his rapid pace. They found their way to an old eatery where a barricaded walker startled them inside. Carl shot him and Rick explained that he should have saved that bullet because he may need it later. They continued on down the road ending up in a neighborhood. They chose a house and made sure it was clear before settling in.


Back in the woods near the prison, Michonne began to make her way alone. She ran into a small group of walkers and after two of them backed her toward the prison gate, she let them pin themselves on the stakes. She then took their jaws and arms off and tied them with ropes as leashes. Just as she had done when Michonne was first introduced to the show, she used the two walkers to hide her scent from the rest of the walkers.

Carl continued to have issues with Rick. Carl was resistant to extra security on the door. He tied the door with a TV cord insisting that the knot Shane taught him to make would hold it. Rick then tried to get Carl to eat some food that they found, but again Carl resisted. Carl blamed Rick for not protecting the others in the group.


In the meantime, Michonne had a dream with a nice scene of her little boy, boyfriend, and his friend in their home. Michonne suddenly saw the two men at the table without arms and she woke up in terror. Were these the two original walkers she had in chains?

The next day, Carl was unable to wake Rick even after yelling and shaking him. Carl heard walkers outside the door and went to lure them away. He led them down the street and when another came up behind him, he was forced to shoot them all. Carl was very proud of taking care of himself and headed back to the house. Carl then mentioned to a sleeping Rick that if he were dead he could get along just fine. So, Carl set out alone in the neighborhood.


Carl found another house and started looking around upstairs after finding a huge can of pudding in the kitchen. But, upstairs there was a walker and the two fought. Carl took the walker down but not before the walker got his shoe. He also realized that the extra bullet spent earlier would have come in handy. Carl put a note on the door about his shoe and headed to the roof with the can of pudding.

Michonne continued on her way with the leashed walkers until another walker resembling her caused Michonne to lose control. She began killing all of the walkers in sight along with the two she had leashed. She then found footprints on the road which appeared fresh and decided to follow their path. She followed the prints all the way to the old eatery that Rick and Carl entered. All the while, Michonne could not get her son or boyfriend off her mind. But, she continued following the footprints and came upon a large empty can of pudding on the road.


Carl made his way back to the house Rick was in where he still lay completely peaceful…for a moment. As Rick began to make noises it was clear that Carl thought Rick died and was now turning into a walker. Carl kept the gun pointed at Rick but soon admitted he could not shoot him. Just then, Rick talked to Carl and Carl realized that Rick was still alive. They sat and talked and it seemed that Carl realized he really did still need his dad.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Rick and Carl both jumped and Rick peered out the peephole. With a big smile on his face Rick told Carl that it was for him.


The Analysis

What happened in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead simply titled After was a little unexpected to me. I was hoping to see more of the group than just Rick, Carl, and Michonne. But, what was shown was decent and definitely anticipated.

The show is good for its display of struggles of those in it. Whether internal or external there is always more going on than meets the eye. Carl really struggled this week with himself as well as Rick; almost as if he was finding out who he was with all that has taken place. I was glad to see, but not surprised, that he realized he still needed Rick.


What I really liked about this week’s episode was finally seeing more of Michonne’s background. I knew the two original leashed walkers she kept in the beginning were important to her, but was curious why. I have to think it was her boyfriend and his friend per Michonne’s dream this week.

The ending was actually the best part for me. I am pretty sure we know it was Michonne knocking on the door of the house. Rick’s big smile and statement about it being for Carl was an awesome way to end the episode.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead? Are you as anxious to find out what happened to the rest of the group as I am? Share your thoughts!