The “Vacancy” sign will be officially lit at the Bates Motel on March 3rd on A&E.

We already learned that the next season will bring in more members of the Bates family. Who, when, and why remain to be seen and is certainly interesting to viewers. But, the new trailer (above) surely sparks some excitement for the premiere just weeks away.

What exactly Norma is protecting Norman from should be fascinating to learn. Or, perhaps it is who she is protecting him from that will be a surprise!

I am hoping that the family members and other characters planned to debut this season will really provoke some jaw-dropping episodes. The display of both blood and water in the trailer also makes me wonder if there is a double meaning.

Norman does not want to be who he is, but does he really know who that is? What about Norma – maybe she knows Norman better than he thinks or maybe she does not know him at all anymore. We saw some great insight into the character of Norman in season one and his blackouts are sure to come up again, hopefully provide us even more.

I am positive that the creepy relationship between Norma and Norman will continue into season two. What I wonder though is if it will grow or start to diminish, if even for a little while, as Norman continues to explore himself and his manhood.

Norma, Norma, Norma…you just cannot live with Norman? The question may soon be, however, can you live with Norman?

If you missed season one it is definitely time to catch up and get ready for the premiere on March 3rd. Also, make sure to catch up on the Renegade Cinema recaps of Bates Motel Season 1 here.

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