This week’s episode opens on Hale’s Funeral, Dyson delivering his eulogy in front of the Clan Zamora crypt.

After the crowd clears, Bo tries to console a despondent Kenzi, but is interrupted by an armor clad female knight of the Order of Rayna. She kneels before and pledges herself to Bo, who she says is her Queen.

Kenzi sarcastically says, “Of course.” and storms off.

Brought back to Trick’s tavern, Bo and Tamsin question the warrior woman, who says that Bo is in danger, that she was attacked on her way to warn her. The soldier, whose name is Rosette, offers a book with a prophecy warning of the rise of the Per Apice. Bo brushes off Rosette telling her that it’s her friends and family that need her. She goes to a hurting Kenzi, promising her that they will get revenge on Massimo for killing Hale.

Dyson, Bo and Kenzi confront Massimo in the process of stirring up a spell. Massimo taunts the 3, and tells them that the prophecy states that the curse on Rayner has a fail safe. A second curse that says that should the first curse be broken he will then die in 7 days. Massimo whispers something more into Dyson’s ear, who then says they can’t yet kill him. Kenzi becomes enraged that she has now been betrayed by both Bo and Dyson for letting him live. Dyson takes him to Trick.

The next scene finds Lauren digging up information on Rayner in the Dark Fae’s archives. She finds a books that says that after a thousand years has ended a horned and fanged beast called Rayner will be released to wreak torment beyond comparison and betray the Fae.

As she reads she hears Evony, the former Morrighan, enter below, talking to someone out of view. She tells him that he must intervene, that everything would be easier if the succubus was dead. Lauren hearing this runs off to warn Bo, before she is able to see that it is Trick Evony is talking to. Trick says that they are not going to kill Bo, but they must put their differences aside and work together.

Back at the Loft Bo talks to Rayner, Rosette enters and Rayner reveals that she was his best lieutenant. They ask about the second curse on Rayner, and it’s revealed that the curse can only be broken by an alliance with the blood of his enemy, Bo’s blood as Trick’s Grand daughter.

Looking for more clues they burn The Wanderer Tarot card in Bo’s possession, which reveals the letters MMXV (2015). Lauren arrives as they ponder what it could mean, and tells them that it could be coordinates.

Bo and Lauren go to her room where Lauren shows Bo the book she found in the archive, showing Rayner as a horned, fanged beast. Bo protests, saying that it’s obviously not the man she loves, that is now standing in her kitchen. Lauren reads from the book, which tells of Hale’s death and other recent events. It also says that the Women of the Horse shall rise, and between the warrior and the Queen one of the 2 shall die. Bo tells Lauren that she is the Queen, Lauren says they must get her away, but Bo becomes petty and accuses Lauren of trying to put a rift between her and Rayner out of jealousy. Making little sense, Bo asks Lauren if she’s doing this to get back at her. Lauren says everything she’s done, she’s done to help Bo. Rayner interrupts, telling Bo that he thinks he’s figured something out. With that Lauren leaves.

The next scene Evony enters her penthouse, finding Lauren in lingerie on her bed holding glasses of champagne. She tells Evony that she wants to officially join the Dark, and that they should celebrate it. Lauren tells her that she wants Evony to claim her, and proceeds to seduce her.

Rayner, Rosette and Bo enter the Temple of the Horse, it’s assumed that that’s where the coordinates led to. A Priestess walks in on the three, and Rosette immediately reacts by pushing her to the ground and saying that the girl is the one that who her on the way to warning Bo. The girl says her name is Epona, and denies ever seeing Rosette before. Bo tells Rosette to stand down, and uses her succubus powers to gain information instead. She tells them that the Horse has dominion over life and death, but he must be protected from Bo, that her blood will destroy him if she finds ‘it’. She asks what ‘it’ is, and Epona reveals that the Per Apice is Bo’s Father. It’s revealed that her alliance with Rayner will release her Father from his prison.

The scene cuts back to the tavern where Kenzi meets with Vex, she has asked for help getting revenge upon Massimo. Vex tells her that honesty is not his strong suit, warning that he is not a good Fae, it’s screw or be screwed. Not understanding what he’s getting at she continues to ask for his help until he agrees.

Kenzi takes Vex to Massimo, who releases him betraying Kenzi, telling her that he can’t hurt Massimo because he took a blood oath to protect him from the time he was a child. Clearly regretting having to protect him, he tells Kenzi that he’s sorry, that they all have their burdens to bear.

Back at Evony’s penthouse, we join the scene as Lauren comes up from pleasuring Evony beneath the covers. Evony complains of everything being salty, and Lauren says that good sex will do that. Not to me, never to me Evony says, complaining of feeling weird. Lauren tells her that she feels strange because Lauren has turned her completely human with a serum made of her own DNA. Lauren mocks her, and Evony taunts back. Lauren then tells her that her body may reject the changes, killing her.

Back at the loft Bo, Dyson and Tamsin prepare to drown their sorrows in booze and open the Zamoran family code left to him by Hale. When opened, new words appear. The codes now says,

“Complexity, courage, strength, and beauty
 Mindful always of your duty
 To ties of blood and those we love
 With gentle hands, wings of a dove
 Ready thyself, on guard, be keen,
 To reunite with me, The Queen.”

Turning it over they see the crest of the Order of the Knights of Rayna. Tamsin points out the bee at the top, and tells Bo that it represents her, the Queen Bee. That she is not just a Queen, but the Queen of all. Dyson and Tamsin say that it’s so much more than that, that Bo is ‘The One.’

Massimo, refusing to leave to London with Vex, runs with the Origin seed to Evony. Before he can tell her he has brought it for her, she berates him. Begging her, just as Lauren walks in to hear him say, “Stop it Mother!”

Back at the Temple Bo, Dyson and Rosette confront the Sisters of the Horse. Rosette battles with Epona, distracting her as they search for the ‘it’ Epona had referred to earlier. They find a braid of hair inside the saddle of a horse statue as Rosette slays Epona. With her dying breath Epona warns that he will come with their hand fasting, they have to get married to form the alliance.

Bo then returns to the loft, finding kenzi reading the book of prophecies. She points out to Bo that Kenzi is not in the book. Kenzi then asks Bo to unclaim her, first refusing, she then agrees after Kenzi demands it.

The next scene opens with Lauren and Massimo now captive. Lauren bleeding and trying to reason with Massimo, who is clearly losing his mind. She pleas with Massimo to listen to reason, refusing, he then swallow the Origin seed. He screams and writhes as it starts to change him, and Lauren watches helplessly in horror.

At the temple Bo agrees to marry Rayner, Rosette presides over the ceremony. When she finishes, she starts to laugh maniacally, then revealing that she has double crossed Rayner and Bo. Her plan to get them to release the Lord of Darkness is fulfilled. Rosette is then proven wrong in believing that her Dark Lord will protect her and give her power, as she is pulled into the fire that they stand before. Bo asks Rayner, “What have we done?” as the door of the Temple bursts open revealing a bright blue light, and the credits roll.

I’m not sure how to feel about this week’s episode. Even with feeling that Lauren broke her heart, it made little sense that Bo would accuse Lauren of some how sabotaging things by showing her books that clearly state warnings. The scene of their argument didn’t feel cohesive with the plot, and just felt confusing. Then The Sisters of the horse were also confusing, whether they wanted their master set free? Or were they protecting the world from him, and that’s why they were trying to stop her from releasing him? who also needed protecting from Bo? The story this season is making it difficult to like Bo as a character, and is at times hard to watch. I will be waiting to see how they plan to redeem her in the final episode next week, and hope that this is concluded with the end of the season and not dragged onto the next.