American comic book series, DMZ, written by Brian Wood, may be coming to SyFy as a rolling live action television series. Information from my sources indicate that the series would be very close to the comics, which is set in a war torn future where America is in the middle of a second Civil War. The primary character, at least in the first issues, is a journalist covering the conflict. The intrigue of the story and the comic’s strongest visual element is that Manhattan Island has been transformed into a demilitarized zone (DMZ). This aspect of the property is likely the primary motivation for why fans are clamoring to see a live action adaptation. In the story, Manhattan is at the center of dispute between the incredibly powerful forces of the United States of America and the secessionist Free States of America. DMZ is printed under Vertigo, an imprint of DC Comics.


There is not a lot of information about the adaptation and no timeline has been publicly disclosed. To put into perspective how big of a deal this is (and how successful it could be), take into consideration me: I am not a comic book reader and I do not have a history of investing my money into the acquisition of comics or comic book made films. I do have five comics: the Marvel issue where Captain America is killed and the rest are issues of DMZ, which I happily paid for. I cannot wait to see what SyFy does with the project as DMZ has been a property I’ve been interested in adapting myself, for a very long time.