The Breakdown

Ian Quinn has purchased something for 10 million dollars and Coulson wants to take over the investigation from the local authorities. Simmons and Coulson pair up as a father and daughter. May and Ward are also posing as passengers on the plane. May tells Ward that she told Coulson about her and Ward sleeping together. Skye and Fitz pose as a couple and Skye steals the keys from the train attendant. Coulson tells them that their target is a Carlos Mancini, the head of security of Cybertek.

As Simmons puts on her over dramatic character. Stan Lee has a brief cameo. May is on top of the train looking for the package. While Coulson tries to communicate with Ward his radio goes out. Ward runs thru the train with Coulson saying “we’ve been made.” They jump off of the train. One of the members of the security team throw a blue ball of off the train and the train disappears from Coulson’s and Ward’s site.

In this episode every set of character’s scene is starting from the same point on the train.


We start back with Ward speaking to May about finding and tagging the package, when Ward’s radio goes out. Ward is posing as a bell man now and a passenger asks for his help with her luggage. She tries to kill him. Ward takes her down. He tried to tell the team that someone is on to him and the radio is out. Ward tells Simmons to hide, runs thru the train, finds Coulson and he tells him that they have been made and jump off of the train. The train disappears.

Cybertek men spot Ward and Coulson, but they hide out in the countryside. They find a truck with no one in that was hotwired. Take the truck back to the BUS. Russo (the head of Italian police) tells Coulson that his men are dead and Cybertek found out everything. Ward and Coulson are now on the BUS. Ward and Coulson have an awkward conversation about him and May’s affair, then Russo pulls up to the BUS. Russo says that everything is ok, he has found the team. May stabs him in the back and says “wheels up in 5”.


We start back on train with May. She on the top of the train, trying to speak to Ward and the radio goes out. May has to jump off of the train because Cybertek is shooting at her. She finds Coulson and Ward frozen with blue goo on their eyes. She pulls them to the countryside and hot wires a car (the car that Coulson and Ward end up finding and fleeing in) Russo finds May and takes her in. Russo is working with Cybertek and wants to know where Coulson and Ward are. Russo stabs May in the chest. May pulls the knife out and starts to kick ass as we expect her to.

We are back at the scene where Russo is at the BUS saying to Coulson that he found the team. (We now see that Russo has a gun in hand) May stabs him and tells Coulson that Russo sold them out. Ward tells Coulson and May that the train stopped suddenly and they are en route to check it out. They enter the train and find broken computers. Then suddenly Simmons jumps up screaming “everyone get down” and she starts shooting the knock out gun. Coulson tells her to stop and she asks where are Fitz and Skye.


Back on the train with Skye and Fitz. Skye is asking Fitz if an 0-8-4 could be a person he says he never has come across it but it is possible. And that he would feel sorry for the fella. Cybertek comes in and shoots up the cabin where they are. Simmons rushes in yelling “We’ve been made”. One of the Cybertek people hit Simmons with one of the blue guns. Fitz says it’s like the night-night gun but more advanced. They hide Simmons and leave her with a knock out gun and then the train stops.

Skye and Fitz follow the Cybertek people and activate a tracker so the rest of the team can find them. Fitz disables the cars while Skye goes into the residence. Skye hits one of the guards and goes in. Fitz is under one of the cars. Skye finds a hyperbaric chamber where she find Mike Peterson. Quinn finds her and tells her that the clairvoyant was expecting her. Quinn takes Mike out of the chamber and Mancini fits Mike with a cyber leg. Quinn asks Mike does he have his orders, Mike replies “yes”. Quinn tries to get Mike to kill Skye. Mike tells Quinn that those are not his orders. Quinn shoots Skye. Quinn shoot her again and says “I’m sorry I have my orders too”.


Skye tries to get up and scream for help while dragging herself to the door. Mike tells the security team the clairvoyant isn’t happy. They lead S.H.I.E.L.D. to them. Mancini is thrown out of the window. (And lands by Fitz, still outside under a car) Ward comes into the house with the knock out gun and seemly shoots 100 people. Quinn is trying to leave and Coulson runs into him. Coulson questions Quinn on where Skye is. They find Skye bleeding to death when Simmons has them put Skye in a hyperbaric camber. The chamber is keeping Skye alive for now. Everyone (including Skye) is back on the BUS, but still worried if Skye is going to make it.

Mike is at a playground and writes a message asking if he can see his son. He receives a message that says not yet. As the show ends the camera pans down to his leg where the ID tag on the leg says project Deathlok.


The Analyst 

I really like this episode.  I have Always liked episodes where it shows the perspective of different people. This was no exception. Also we’ve finally got our Deathlok and supervillian. It’s sucks that Peterson is Deathlok but oh well its good that we finally have our super villain. It’s good to see the plans the writers have for this show finally take off. With Captain America coming out very soon this show will get very interesting.  Plus we still have to find out if Skye lives. It had been said by Marvel that this show is about to go very fast and exciting. But with the hiatus due to the Olympics, I can’t wait for it to return!!!