The new 300 Rise of an Empire trailer has hit and it looks like they are taking the action in the first movie and jacking it up to 11. Seriously, this trailer makes it look like the movie will be nothing but massive fights in front of a giant CG screen.

I was a pretty big fan of the first 300 movie, and my wife loved it for reasons that I won’t get into here (ok – Photoshopped abs), but this movie has me worried. I think part of my worries is based on seeing The Legend of Hercules, a movie that tried to take Zack Snyder’s camerawork and creating a movie with none of the talent that Snyder possesses.

I am not saying that Noam Murro can’t do it, but his only other movie is Smart People and that wasn’t an action movie by any stretch of the imagination. I did really like Eva Green in the new 300 Rise of an Empire trailer, but that wasn’t enough to really sell me.

A lot of people I have seen online loved the new 300 Rise of an Empire trailer, so check it out and let us know what you thought. Did it work for you and make you more excited to see the movie? Let us know.