I really kind of liked the Constantine movie when it came out. Yeah, I agree that Keanu Reeves was not the best choice for John Constantine, but he didn’t embarrass himself and the movie was fun. Now, the long awaited Constantine TV show has been ordered by NBC and we can see the character get a second chance at life.

David Goyer, who has pretty much been named the Grand Czar of DC Comics movies has set up the Constantine TV show and NBC has ordered the pilot. Based on the Hellblazer comics, John Constantine is a character that neither heaven nor hell wants and he lives out life on earth protecting humans from both angels and demons.

Daniel Cerone (Dexter) wrote the pilot and will serve as a co-producer with David Goyer. According to NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt, he said that the show will follow much of the comic’s format, being dark and scary but also a witty, fun tone.

Honestly, it sounds like another Supernatural, although Constantine has enough quirkiness to his character to make the show a good shot just based on the character. What I am most disappointed with is that a Constantine TV show might blow the chance for Guillermo Del Toro to use him in his Justice League Dark movie, although the Constantine TV world and movie world could remain separate.

Are you excited to see a Constantine TV hit the air? Do you think NBC will allow it to please fans of the comics or will network television neuter the material too much? Chime in below with your thoughts.

Source: Variety