The Breakdown

A man named the Alchemist is the next person on the blacklist, as he transforms peoples appearances to make them look like an entirely different person right down to the DNA. The Alchemist has a woman and a man on plane, he tells them to hold on and jumps out. He has killed the pilots. In the plane crash The Alchemist killed a man and woman named Peter and Catherine Madrcete (these are the identities that he made them). They are former Serbian mob.

Lizzie feels that Madrcete is dead and Red believes other wise, he feels that the Alchemist worked with Madrcete. Red tells Lizzie that Madrcete wanted to hire him to hep him disappear. On Red’s tip Lizzie, Ressler and Malik are in Budapest to find Madrcete they  follow him to a restaurant briefly chase after him and arrest him.

The Alchemist

Tom comes back home from the interview. He did not go to it because he doesn’t want to leave Lizzie. They also still have plans to adopt Jenny’s baby. Lizzie says that she would quit her job to have this baby. Lizzie has the dental records of the victims and finds out that the Alchemist altered the DNA of the victims. The woman who was murder was named Sarah Jenkins. Madrcete’s wife goes and has a bitch fit towards the Alchemist because her plane was blown up and her husband was detained. He asks her for any information of people who they may have told her plans to, he also tells her to give him the name of her lawyer. Then he kills her.

While being detatined by the FBI Madrcete calls for his lawyer. Suddenly on queue the Alchemist shows up posing as his lawyer or an associate of his lawyer. Madrcete has never seen the Alchemist. While going off on the Alchemist, Madrcete ask him for a piece of gum, he gives it to him and he suddenly starts coughing. Lizzie has found a picture of the Alchemist from a dating site that Sally was on (this is how they met and reason number 57 of why you shouldn’t meet people online). When Ressler sees the photo he rushes back to the room and finds Madrcete dead.

The Alchemist

Eric Truddle is the name of the Alchemist, Malik found him (of course). Lizzie tracks downs Eric’s wife and tells him that they are separate but Eric thinks they are still together. Red has a team working to find the mole at the FBI. He has a team souring and rebuilding shredded documents from the FBI, DOJ and CIA.

Eric has called a woman (Mandy) that is an actress replying to a fake ad he set up. When she goes to the place where the casting is held there is a sign that says it has been moved. Eric is there and asks if she wants to share a cab with him. Elsewhere a woman is reading a file on Tim and Lizzie. She finishes reading says ” Hi my name is Jolene nice to meet you” in the mirror and walks out.

The Alchemist

In the lab Eric has Mandy and is performing his “magic” on her. Jolene is at Tom Lizzie’s house posing as substitute teacher. While Lizzie leaves Jolene start secretly hitting on Tom. Cooper gets word from Malik that they may have a lead to where Eric has his lab. They found a serial number from a piece of equipment that he used and tracked the maker. When they storm the lab they find that Eric has packed up. Lizzie feels that Eric knows that they are on to him and is killing everyone that could point the FBI to him. She and the team goes to Eric’s wife and daughter house, on arrival they find that they have been murdered.

Lizzie has figured out that his wife and daughter are still alive and that he used his abilities to change his wife and daughter. He has kidnapped them. Red’s team has pieced together one of  the papers they are working on. The name on the paper identifies Malik as the mole. While stopping at a rest stop Annie (the daughter) sees her amber alert on TV.

The Alchemist

The shop owners picks up the phone and Eric shoots him. Another shoppers pulls out a gun and points it at Eric. Eric shoots him as well but on the man falling to the ground he accidentally shoots Annie. The FBI has tracked their location by pinging the insulin pump attached to Annie.

Eric has taken everyone at the inside of the gas station hostage. Lizzie goes to speak with Eric and finds out that his daughter needs medical attention. He is trying to get immunity for him and him family for an exchange of a list of people that are criminals that are still alive. Lizzie can’t promise him that and Eric gets upset and puts a gun to one of the women in the stores head. While about to shoot the woman Eric’s wife shoots him. Lizzie meets Red and gives him the list they recovered from Eric;s computer. Red leaves telling Lizzie that he has a pressing matter to attend to. Lizzie stands Tom up and Tom goes on a date with Jolene. Red goes to Malik’s house in order to kill her. She knows this and admits that she is the mole.

The Alchemist

The Analyst 

I’m upset that Malik is the mole. She was my favorite character because she seems to always solve every case. In the previews of next weeks episode it seems that she is going to put a deal on the table for Red so that he doesn’t kill her. I am hoping that he takes the deal and keeps her alive. This was actually a good episode, I would have liked to have seen more from the Alchemist.

I did not have time to address it in the main part of the post, but Red had a piece of an obituary of a woman named Lucy Brooks in his pocket. This is the woman Red has been mildly looking forward in several episode. Being that this tidbit of information was discovered in this episode I wonder was this woman touched by the Alchemist and is still alive or was she killed by him in order to cover someone up? This show has several little side stories that the writers touch on every other episode, so it will be interesting to see how they play out.

The Alchemist