Quentin Tarantino likes to re-utilize actors that he builds a repertoire with. He has used Samuel L. Jackson in numerous movies and has also brought back Uma Thurman and Michael Parks a few times as well. Well, his latest favorite actor is Christoph Waltz, who won Oscars for both of his Tarantino roles in Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained. He will try for the trifecta as Tarantino wants to cast him in his next movie, the western The Hateful Eight.

The Hateful EightThe movie will keep Tarantino in the western genre that he had so much fun in while making Django Unchained.  Tarantino said that, now that he knows how to make a western, he wanted to make another. He gave no hints as to the theme or story and said he is working on The Hateful Eight script right now.

Tarantino not only wants Christoph Waltz to return for another role, but he wants Bruce Dern to join the movie as well. Dern, who last picked up an Oscar nomination in the 1978 film Coming Home, is highly expected to pick up a nomination for his role in the 2013 film Nebraska.

While neither men have officially signed on, most actors relish the chance to work with Quentin Tarantino, so the chances are good. The Hateful Eight is supposed to start shooting this summer and could hit theaters sometime in 2015.

Source: THR