Brad Fuller of Platinum Dunes did a recent interview and said something that has a lot of fans up in arms. When asked if Derek Mears was returning to portray Jason in the new Friday the 13th remake, Fuller said he didn’t know because he wasn’t sure if Jason was going to be in the movie or not.

Fanboys heads exploded instantly. A lot of people on Twitter and Facebook freaked out because “you can’t have a Friday the 13th movie without Jason.”

Except that you can, and it has been done – once to great success and once to critical ridicule. There were two instances off the top of the head that saw a Friday the 13th movie  released without Jason in it. Of course, one of them had “a Jason” in the movie, but it wasn’t “the Jason.”

That was the fifth movie, Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning, and it turned out that the slasher killer was an impostor. That movie was met with the same kind of indifference that the third Halloween movie was when there was no Michael Myers in it.

Friday the 13th remakeBut, there was one other Friday the 13th movie that not only didn’t have Jason in it, but had no Jason in it at all. That was the original – and best – Friday the 13th movie, where the killer was Jason’s mother, who had lost her mind thanks to camp counselors allowing her son to drown years before.

While everyone is flipping out because they want the hockey mask wearing Jason to star in the Friday the 13th remake, which did so well last time they tried it just a couple of years ago, there is one very easy explanation. Maybe this is a remake of the original movie – which had no Jason in it at all. I would love to see the original Friday the 13th remade over seeing another movie with Jason tearing through Camp Crystal Lake, although the rumors that it will be found footage has be a little worried.

Source: Crave