Much like a rabid zombie, the Resident Evil franchise doesn’t know when to die.  Resident Evil 6 is happening with Paul W. S. Anderson directing and Mila Jovovich starring. The news was confirmed by First Showing and reported by Dread Central Wednesday. Resident Evil 6 has a tentative release date of September 12, 2014, with production expected to begin this fall.

This news is kind of like one of those inevitable, unpleasant things about life you pretend won’t happen, but everyone knows will – like global warming or your own death. Of course Paul W. S. Anderson is making another Resident Evil, what else is he going to do? Go back to Alien vs. Predator?And as long and Bruce Willis isn’t down for The Sixth Element, this is pretty much all Jovovich’s got, right? Yet I’m honestly wondering who keeps going to see Resident Evil movies. Certainly Jovovich and Anderson’s family can’t be that big.

Anyone want to take bets on what the subtitle will be? My money’s on “Resurrection.” Because chances are they won’t call it what it is – beating a dead horse.

SOURCE: Dread Central