The Batman vs. Superman casting news that Jason Momoa was in talks to join the cast was running rampant two days ago, and despite waiting and asking around, there is still no clear idea who they want him to portray in the movie. However, there are two possibilities that everyone is touting.


Martian Manhunter.

Batman vs. Superman castingWe will start with Doomsday. I think it is way too early to bring him into the DC Universe. Basically, Doomsday as originally presented was a character that is impossible to kill. This is because he was bred and designed by a madman who sent him out to die over and over again, only to rejuvenate him with the ability to never die that way again. After many attempts, he is almost completely unbeatable.

He then killed Superman in comic book’s most famous storyline, but was beaten to death as well.

Of course, Doomsday always comes back and that means that Superman can never beat him to death again, which should make beating him interesting but instead he got to be a really boring villain over time.

Jason Mamoa was supposed to play Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy but James Gunn went with Batista instead when Mamoa asked for too much money. After appearing in the Conan the Barbarian flop, one wonders how much Momoa thought he was worth. Someone at Warner Bros. might think he is worth something though.

The role of Doomsday would be mo-capped, but one has to wonder if it would just be a cameo for a later movie or if Doomsday will be the villain in the Batman vs. Superman movie.

Batman vs. Superman castingThe other option is Martian Manhunter, which would be funny because they would just need to paint Momoa green just like they would have done with Guardians. Of course, Manhunter is really freaking smart and Momoa is not the first person I would think of for that role (not that he’s not intelligent, but he was cast to play Conan and that is about the polar opposite of Martian Manhunter).

Another idea thrown around was for Momoa to play Dick Grayson. He is the right age – at about 10 years younger than Ben Affleck – but he is a little too big to be Dick in my opinion. Then again, I would rather he be Dick Grayson/Nightwing than Martian Manhunter if these Batman vs. Superman casting rumors are true.

Source: Hollywood Reporter