Last week, Renegade Cinema brought you the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer in all its glory, and honestly it looked pretty dang good. I know there are a lot of people who are confused at some of the things in the trailer, but what I saw reminds me a lot of the fantastic Spectacular Spider-Man animated series that was cancelled before its time and that is what I want to talk about here.

There have some thoughts online (see: Screencrush) that one of the scenes from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer might be from the post-credit sequence and not from the movie itself. Well, if the sources are true and the geek-testic shots from the trailer were from the post-credits, then I might be right when comparing this world to the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series.

Of course, that scene was the moment when a mysterious figure in a hat walked by two containers – one holding Doctor Octopus’ arms and the other with The Vulture’s wings. Check it out below.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer

For those who have not seen Spectacular Spider-Man, in that cartoon, Norman Osborn was hired to create super villains to battle Spider-Man in order to keep him occupied while more nefarious plots were underway. He created everything from Rhino to Shocker to Sandman and Doctor Octopus.

From the looks of the Amazing Spider-Man trailer, Norman creates Electro and was slightly responsible for Curt Connors becoming The Lizard in the last movie. I am also pretty sure he will be who develops Rhino’s armor and it is his son who becomes The Green Goblin. From the look of this scene, he is also working on developing Octopus’ arms and Vulture’s wings.

This tells me that Osborn is about to sic the Sinister Six on Spider-Man’s butt, and for fans of the comic books, this is a good thing. This is not the “too many villains” problem, this is a perfect super villain team created by the Big Bad. And if this is the post-credit sequence, Amazing Spider-Man 3 is when it should all go down.