It appears that a fifth Indiana Jones film is now inevitable.  Disney and Paramount have recently announced that they agreed to a deal concerning the rights of Indiana Jones.  Disney will gain the rights to any future films and Paramount retains the rights to distribute the four previous movies as well as “financial participation” in future films.

While Disney hasn’t made any official announcements yet about a fifth Indiana Jones, I expect one will come soon.  They wasted absolutely no time in announcing a new Star Wars trilogy once they bought the rights to Lucasfilm earlier this year.  Also, I don’t think anyone really believes they would bother making this deal unless they had plans for the franchise.

I’m not necessarily against Disney making another Indiana Jones, but I think the concept would work much better if they had another actor playing Indy.  I know that suggestion probably sounds like sacrilege to the fans of the series but as of this article Harrison Ford is 71 and it would probably be at least a year before any kind of production would start on Indiana Jones 5.  Honestly, I thought he was already too old for the role when he did Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  James Bond and Doctor Who have both recently celebrated their 50th Anniversaries, which frankly was only made possible by their studio’s willingness to move on to other actors.

Would you want to see another Indiana Jones?  Do you think the time has come for them to cast a new actor for the role?  Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

Source: Slashfilm