Because the world needs another reboot, instead of a new concept, casting rumors are out for the remake of the Terminator series, starting with the first movie in 2015. The front runners for Sarah Connor in the Terminator reboot casting rumorsĀ are Brie Larson, from United States of Tara and the recent indie hit Don Jon, and Emilia Clarke, the dragon wielding Daenerys Targaryen from HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones. Both women have been seen by Alan Taylor at Paramount Pictures, according to Deadline, Emilia having a slight jump on her competition.

Rumored to be titled Terminator: Genesis, the movie will apparently be accompanied by a companion television series. The two stories will head in separate directions branching out from a single critical moment in Sarah Connor’s past. Producers Megan and David Ellison are covering every angle it seems to capitalize on the Terminator Franchise, even bringing back Arnold Schwarzenegger to reprize his iconic role, protecting Connor as she grows up.

Alan Taylor is set to direct the film, a strong choice with a history of helming hits, like Thor: The Dark World, the aforementioned Game of Thrones, and several episodes of HBO’s other hit show, Boardwalk Empire. No doubt the reason Ms. Clarke has an edge in these Terminator reboot casting rumors, being that he has worked with the actress before.

Both women are talented, and it’s easy to see either in the role, making it hard to play favorites, though Emilia Clarke is no doubt more widely recognized, and that could lend to the opening success of the films. No word as of yet on any other characters.




Hollywood Reporter