It’s been pretty common knowledge for awhile now a reboot to Terminator has been in the works for an eventual release in the summer of 2015.  However, it now appears that the franchise will not be stopping at a new movie.  The studio behind the Terminator franchise has now also announced plans to produce a new Terminator TV series, which is meant to tie-in to the reboot.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the franchise has made an appearance on the small screen.  However, the producers have apparently devised a way to set the show apart from its predecessor.  They plan to take some crucial event from the first Terminator film and change it completely but their lips are still currently sealed as to what that event is.

There has already been speculation from Slashfilm that the change could be that Sarah Connor dies (which would be stupid) or that the original T-800 survives (slightly less stupid).  Personally my money is on that Kyle Reese ends up surviving so that John Connor would then get a chance to grow up with his father.

Whatever the change though, it appears entirely possible that it will completely erase the continuity established in Terminator’s subsequent sequels.  The Star Trek series went a similar direction a few years ago when they rebooted the series and while I’ve loved both movies they have been met with an at-best mixed reaction by the fans of the series.  So, time will tell how this will impact the fans and the series itself.

What do you think about another Terminator TV series?  What kind of change do you think the producers have in mind?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Slashfilm