There has been a lot of complaints about the multiple villains hinted at in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Some people even compared it to the problems of Spider-Man 3 and Batman & Robin. Those people complaining have probably never read many Spider-Man comics, because these villains need to all be there together. Check out theĀ Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer and then join me below as I explain.

The first thing that people have to understand is that, on their own, most of the Sinister Six is pretty unimpressive on their own (although Doctor Octopus is the best of the bunch). And, honestly, The Sinister Six is a perfect choice for Spider-Man’s bad guys because they are just awesome.

And this is completely different from the Batman & Robin and Spider-Man 3 syndrome. See, in both of those movies, villains that had nothing to do with each other was paired up. In this case, the Sinister Six was always a group that was meant to be together. To say Sinister Six is “villain overload” is like saying The Avengers is like “hero overload.”

Plus, watch theĀ Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer and you will see this is different from what the comic book Sinister Six storyline was about. However, it looks like it is just like the FANTASTIC Spectacular Spider-Man animated series.

In that cartoon, Norman Osborne was creating villains using his technological advances. On the cartoon, it was for a mysterious benefactor named Mr. Big. In this case, Norman looks like he is dying but he is still the man creating the villains for his own reasons.

So, what do we see? Electro (Jamie Foxx), Rhino (Paul Giamatti), what looks like a Harry Osborne Green Goblin, as well as the sight of Doctor Octopus’ arms as well as The Vulture’s wings. The Sinister Six is coming – and if it is like the Spectacular Spider-Man storyline – Marc Webb is heading the franchise in the right direction.

I am 100% on-board with this. I love the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer.