The Breakdown

Show begins with Jax meeting the DA, and he says he brought his end of the deal; The KG-9s and O’Shea. She says there’s a bit more investigating before she’s sure he kept up his end.

Back at the cabin, Tara is tending to Bobby. She gets a call from the DA who says she’s spoken to the ATF, and they’ll give her everything her family needs, so long as she has the bullet and such. She says she does. Bobby stirs for a second, and thanks Tara.

Jax & Chibs meet with O’Shea’s former right-hand man, now the man in charge, and asks what he’s been able to tell the Kings. He says just the short version so far.

You Are My Sunshine


Tiggs meets with a couple of guys, Irish, about the shipment of guns, and shoots them on site. I mean, what else are you gonna do? Not shoot them? Afterward, the Chinese show up and enquirer about the load of guns as well as the men. The leader is unhappy about the guys being dead, as he wanted to do this himself. He says he wants O’Shea’s second in command, Connor. If he gets him, then he’ll release Happy. Jax warns him about starting a war, and the Chinese guy says he isn’t starting, but joining.

Back at Diosa, one of Nero’s guys show up and says the Bizlats aren’t digging the Sons and what they bring. He wants to recruit, but Nero isn’t feeling that idea. He says Marcus Alvarez of the Mayans has reached out. Nero says alright, set up a meet.

At Gemma’s, Wendy says she doesn’t understand why she’s doing what she’s doing. She wonders if it’s a power-play, to hurt Tara. Gemma says that Tara is probably going to jail, and that she’s gonna need help with the kids.

At the cabin, Tara heads to the hospital with Rat for supplies, while Bobby & Juice share a joint back at the cabin. He asks Bobby why he voted yes this time around, and Bobby says that Clay has always deserved it, but it wasn’t right for the club during the first vote.

Nero meets up with Marcus, the leader of the Mayans. He says that with Sons leaving, it creates a void in power, and that he isn’t happy with them handing over the guns to August Marks.He suggests to Nero that perhaps he speaks to Jax, and get him back on track.

You Are My Sunshine

Jax, Tibbs, and Tig meet up with Connor and tell him that his truck with the guns was jacked,and his men killed. Jax says the Irish need to talk to August Marks, because they have no protection out here.

Tara arrives at the hospital to find Gemma in her office. She’s there to get some anti-nausea scripts for Wendy. On her way out, she runs into the DA, who makes a quick cover by saying she’s here to see the injured men who were shot during the previous day’s break-out. In Tara’s office, she meets with an ATF agent who shows her the documents, to which she says that they need to send them to her lawyer. They want the evidence, but she says it comes when she knows that her lawyer has signed off on everything. When she leaves, the ATF agent says that Tara hasn’t made up her mind, and what will they do if she won’t testify? The DA says she’ll bury Tara in court if she won’t flip, and if she tries to run with the boys, well, the MC will find her.

Tara heads back to the cabin, and Jax says that after her trial that they’re going to figure all of this out. They hug, and she apologizes to him.

Juice shows up at Diosa, and looks a bit worse for wear. He’s high and emotional, and his only preference for company is someone nice. In the bathroom, it appears that he’s having some kind of heart attack, and feels that more oxycontin outta do the trick.

You Are My Sunshine

Back at the cabin, Tara changes Bobby’s bandages, and he tells her that he loves her. She heads to another bathroom and climbs out of the window with her purse in hand.

Jax and the boys give Connor to the Chinese, and they seem pleased with the transaction. Connor does not. They head into the barn to get their guns, but instead they just get the ammo. 9Ers leap out of multiple hiding spots and start spraying them with bullets. This showcases just what hooking up with Marks can bring you in the business world.

Tara is in her SUV when she gets a call from the DA. Her lawyer is OK with everything. Tara says she’ll be there by six.

At Diosa, a hooker comes out of the bedroom screaming that something is wrong with Juice. Gemma & Nero run in there, and once they figure out what he’s been taking, it’s fingers-down-the-throat. Afterwards, Gemma gets a call from Tara who says that Bobby is having problems and she needs an extra pair of hands. She enquirers about where the boys are, and finds out they’re at the house with Wayne. Nero is left with Juice, who in his drugged out state, confess to killing the mother a while back. Later, Layla says that Gemma called and wants him to meet her and Jax at her house.

August Marks meets with Connor, and apologizes for the bloody day. He says he has a ton of powerful people in his pocket, and can double his earnings. He tells Jax that he’s done his part, and Tigg’s debt is clear. Later, Connor calls the Kings, and it turns out they’re cool with the Marks deal, and they’re willing to see how it turns out.

At Gemma’s house, Tara shows up, gun in hand, taking the kids. Just as they leave, Wendy blurts out to Able that she’s his real mother. This gets her a backhand from Tara as she posses out.

Gemma gets the phone call, and speeds her way back.

End of the Episode Montage:

Tara appears to not take the deal, but instead split on her own.

Jax arrives home to find everything cleared out of Tara’s side of the room, as well as Thomas & Abels. He is greatly displeased at these findings. Nero shows up, and merely stands at Jax’s side, providing comfort. I thought he was going to provide a lift through the wall, but I suppose not.

The Analysis

I haven’t thought much of this season, but really the slower, beginning of season 5 episodes that have brought us to the last 3 or so have been worth it. Plenty of good twists, action, and character development. Often times in a series after you spend so much time with the characters, you know what they’re capable of, and what their next move could be. At this moment, I have little to no idea what any of the main characters are planning, or what they’re now capable of, and it’s really made these remaining episodes great.