Last season’s cliffhanger was the biggest of all as Audrey’s time to reset had finally come.  The last thing we saw was Duke jumping into the barn right before it imploded.

Episode 04.01 – Fallout

We start where we left off in Season 3.  Duke is in the barn as it crumbles apart.  He calls Audrey’s name while dodging the falling pieces of the building.  The barn spits Duke out into Boston and six months have passed, although it’s only been minutes for Duke.  Duke lands in an aquarium tank and gets arrested.  He gets handcuffed to a hospital bed and the detective tells him Haven PD says Duke Crocker has been dead for six months.  The nurse tells him his sister Audrey Parker is visiting him and it turns out to be someone named Jennifer Mason.  She heard him yelling Audrey’s name on TV when he was arrested.

She tells him she heard his voice along with several others like Agent Howard and Audrey Parker.  She heard them six months ago while they were in the barn.  She thought she was crazy and got diagnosed with schizophrenia.  The meds stopped her from hearing the voices.  Duke tells her she is not crazy and though she is reluctant to believe him, she helps sneak him out of the hospital.  He calls Dave and finds out where Nathan is.  Nathan has quit the Haven PD and is at some bar where he’s letting people beat him up for money (since he can’t feel it anyway).  Duke finds him, explains about Jennifer, and they all go back to Haven.  The Guard finds out Nathan is back and intercepts him with a whole lot of guns.  They are all upset that he shot Agent Howard and the Troubles did not go away.  He tells them Jennifer has a connection to the barn and heard that Audrey can end the troubles forever if she kills the person she loves most, which is Nathan.  Through Vince’s help (who we found out is the leader of the Guard in Season 3), they make a deal the Guard won’t kill Nathan.  Nathan will help Dwight, the new chief, with the Troubles until they find Audrey and she kills him.  Duke finds out his brother Wade has been running his bar.


In some random bar, we get introduced to Lexie DeWitt, Audrey’s new personality.  She is a bartender/waitress and is definitely not Audrey.  She has dark make-up, darker roots, and has a nose ring.  A man named William comes in the bar and starts talking to her.  Another man comes in and calls Lexie to his table, pulling a gun out on here.  William knocks the gun out of his hand and sends the guy away.  William knows who Lexie is.  We can tell he knows her by how he is looking at her and the fact that he brought up Maine the second he walked in.  We don’t know how, or why, or where he knows her from though.  William confesses that the man with the gun was trying to stop him from telling a secret.  He tells her she should let him help her find out who she is or a lot of people will die.

Episode 04.02 – Survivors

Nathan continues his search for Audrey by calling hospitals and other places.  As part of his deal with the Guard (with the alternative being to let them kill him) he helps Dwight with the Troubles.  While he investigates, he meets with a lot of animosity.  Meanwhile, Duke finds out the Teagues brothers tried to buy his bar because they didn’t want another Crocker in town.  Duke is desperate to get his brother out of town taking up the family business.  Unfortunately, his brother just looked at his nanny cam on his iPad and found out his wife is cheating.  Wade plans to stay for a while until he can serve the divorce papers.  William (played by Colin Ferguson from Eureka) continues trying to convince Lexie that she is someone else.  He tells her that her memories aren’t her own.  She is still skeptic of course.  Jordan is upset Nathan is “on the front line” of the investigations because she doesn’t want him to die before Audrey can kill him.  With Jennifer’s help, they figure out a fire fighter is incinerating people on accident.  He feels guilty about his partner dying in a recent incident and now when people praise him they end up charcoal.  Nathan talks down the fire fighter from hurting any more people.  He didn’t realize what he was doing.


Meanwhile, two guys come in the bar to take William away, trying to stop him from convincing Lexie who she is.  She surprises herself by grabbing his gun that’s in pieces on the bar and putting it together and shooting at the door before they can take him out of the bar.   She asks him how she put the gun together…he responded “you still think you’re a bartender”?  Audrey points her gun at him demanding he tell her who he thinks she is.  He tells her he knows who she is and that if he tells her, there is no going back.

Episode 04.03 – Bad Blood

Lexie tries to get more info out of William.  He mentions that some of the question is where she is.  Then he tells her she isn’t ready.  Upset by his riddles, she kicks him out.  She turns her back for a minute or two and he’s sitting back at the bar drinking a beer.   Jordan is keeping an eye on Nathan.  She is sitting at the latest crime scene.  Several bodies have been found drained of all their blood with no puncture wounds.  Meanwhile, Dwight sends the Teagues brothers to ID a body in New Hampshire that fits Audrey’s description.  He wants them to be sure before they tell Nathan or the Guard.  They’re everlasting fighting continues as Vince voices his anger with what Nathan did.  He and Dave have known Audrey in other lives and cared about her and still let her go and he feels Nathan was selfish in shooting Agent Howard.

Jennifer stopped taking her meds and is hearing bar sounds that she assumes is coming from Duke’s bar but there is no one there but Duke.  Lexie tries to leave the bar after William tells her it’s not real.  When she walks out of the door she ends up walking into the bar through another door instead of outside.  The other bartender mentions that it’s morning although Lexie has been gone literally seconds, in fact she hasn’t really been gone at all.  There is a mass of blood moving through sewers and pipes, killing people.  It corners them at the police station.  After not knowing what else to do, Duke absorbs all of the killer blood.  With that much blood, it takes a lot for him to fight it.  He ends up holding up Dwight by the neck but eventually recovers.


Lexie finally accepts that the bar is not real and all of the people disappear except her bartender friend because she is not ready to accept that her friend is not real.  She says good bye to her and tells her she has been a good friend.  She closes her eyes, and we watch her friend disappear.  William says to Lexie that she is next.  Vince is overwhelmed with emotion and fear as they go to identify the body.  He asks to look at the foot first since Audrey (and Lucy) had a scar on her left foot.  He is very much relieved to see no scar.  Finally getting the courage to look at the face, they discover that it is not Audrey.

It turns out the blood belonged to a guy who was in the Guard.  His family Trouble was if blood spilled it would go after the one you hate most…which is Nathan for any Troubled person in Haven right now.  Jennifer tells Nathan and Duke she hears Audrey’s voice saying that she’s in a place that isn’t real.  They come to the theory that although the barn imploded, Audrey may still be in it because time works different in the barn.  When Duke was spit out, it had been seconds for him but six months in the rest of the world.  Lexie asks William where she is.  He says the latest name of the place is the barn.  He tells her that it’s dying and they don’t have much time to get her out of there.  As they look around the bar, black holes start appearing, eating away at the bar.

Episode 04.04 – Lost and Found

Young children go missing using elaborate ways to escape by piling everything they see on top of each other to escape through a vent in the house or such.  William tries to help Lexie get out of the barn before it’s too late and Jennifer can hear a little but not all the time, especially with Nathan pressuring her.  Duke helps her to relax through meditation.  Someone’s Trouble has created beings that look like ten year olds with razor sharp teeth and their laughs entice children to be deceptive and sneak out.  They are called Duoens and are masters of deception with claws.  It turns out that a man who has had several failed attempts to conceive with his wife, has a Trouble that wants to make his wife happy.  Her three favorite kids have been kidnapped and they are all in her favorite spot in the woods where he proposed to her played “Ring Around the Rosey”.

One child falls out in the cold due to hypothermia.  It temporarily snaps the lady out of the spell and she wants to get her help but the Duoens start laughing and suddenly she is smiling thinking that the girl just wants to rest for a bit.  Jordan is still on Nathan’s back about the Troubles.  Jennifer hears a fog horn.  At first Duke thinks it’s because they are on his boat but he can’t hear the fog horn.  So the door must be near the fog horn.  If they don’t find the door and Audrey goes through on her side she dies.  William tells Lexie to listen for the fog horn to find her door.  She struggles with her faith after finding the door.  Nathan realizes the guy feels guilty because his plumbing is why they aren’t able to conceive.  He doesn’t realize what his Trouble is doing.  He makes the dad face the truth and the Duoens disappear.  Lexie has to take a leap of faith hoping her friends will be on the other side with their door open but all she can see is abstract colors surrounding a lot of nothingness.


Jordan over hears Nathan finding out that Jennifer found the door and calls the Guard in and follows him.  She takes his gun and the Guard has their weapons to make sure Nathan goes through with the deal.  The Teagues show up and Dave has a gun trying to stop them from opening the door, saying they will release some evil force that they shouldn’t.  Jordan takes her glove off and zaps him with her rogue-like ability.  Since Jennifer has the connection to the barn, only she can open it which she does when she hears Audrey open her door back up.  William convinces Lexie to take a leap of faith.  She asks who she will be on the other side and he says whoever she most wants to be.  She leaps and a huge blast knocks everyone down.  When they all pull themselves together and get up, Lexie is laying there too.  The next few moments are quiet and emotional as everyone recognizes Audrey (who they think is Audrey).

All the men who’ve loved her at some point have thick emotion on their faces, Nathan, Duke, Vince.  Everyone tentatively walks toward her gawking.  Nathan gets the gun from Jordan and puts it in Audrey’s hand, pointing it toward him.  He tells her the Troubles haven’t ended and he knows what Agent Howard told her about how else to end them.  He gives her a long tender kiss as the sappy music plays in the background and then begs her to shoot him.  The emotional up rise is thick.  Duke looks upset, even Jordan looks like she could cry.  Suddenly, Lexie speaks saying she’s not going to shoot anyone, especially someone she doesn’t know.  Blank faces stare at her as she asks who Audrey is and says that her name is Lexie.  The tension on everyone’s faces changes to bewilderment and shock.

Episode 04.05 – The New Girl

Still in the scene we left off at in Episode 4, Jordan grabs a shot gun and points it at Lexie demanding she kill Nathan.  Duke reminds her that it won’t work because she isn’t Audrey anymore and does not love him.  Duke punches one of the guys and yells for Nathan to run. The Guard eventually catches up with him with one of them knocking him to the ground with the butt of their gun.  Duke talks Vince out of letting the Guard shoot Nathan, saying he thinks he knows how they could still use Nathan to get rid of the Troubles.

Back in the police department, Jordan wants them to change Lexie back.  Vince says they tried that before.  Nathan and Lexie talk while waiting for the rest of the group to discuss what to do.  Proving how much of Audrey’s personality is always the same, she looks at Nathan’s cut on his forehead telling him it’s not even worth a stitch and he’ll live.  He tells her he can’t feel it and she calls him tough guy.  They had this same exact conversation about a different injury Nathan had the day they met when Audrey first came to Haven.  Lexie tells Nathan about who she thought she was and about William helping her get to Haven.  Duke comes up with a plan and convinces Vince to let Nathan try to get Lexie to fall in love with him to keep the Guard from killing him.  Jordan wants his head on a stick bad.


Audrey quickly gets introduced to the Troubles when she goes to the bathroom and finds the latest Troubled case.  The guy has lost control, he seems filled with anger and rage and slits his throat right in front of Lexie, Duke, and Nathan.  Welcome back to Haven!

Lexie tries to come to terms with the Trouble thing, wondering why anyone still lives in Haven.  Duke is hilariously trying to promote Nathan to Lexie, commending him on his police work in front of her trying to impress her while Nathan is so awe struck he’s staring at her instead of questioning victims like he should be.  Duke has actually been doing the questioning trying to get things to work….trying to keep things together.  The wooing is not going so well just yet.  Nathan is not exactly thrilled about working with Lexie but she’s already proving to be helpful to the case.  It’s kind of hilarious watching Duke play cop and match maker.  He’s the only one with his head on straight who still has his memory.

After a tragic accident that leaves him paraplegic, a man’s Trouble triggers and he can possess other people’s bodies when he gets a hold of something that is theirs.  He takes over Duke’s body because he has a drink ticket Duke gave him.  He also has one of Nathan’s business cards so can take hold of him whenever he wants.  Finding out that she is immune to the Troubles, Lexie convinces Nathan to let her get the piece of paper Duke gave him out of the hand of guy’s original body.  She finds the guy Tyler’s body and Duke’s body with Tyler in it walks up behind her.  Tyler (via Duke) plans to kill his own body so he can stay in Duke.  Lexie steps out of the way to let him do it.  Since he is inside of Duke and Duke’s Trouble is that killing people kills their Troubles, Tyler ends his Trouble when he kills himself, forcing his essence to leave Duke’s body since his Trouble has ended (did you follow that?).

While he was possessed by Tyler, Duke kissed Jennifer.  When he was back to himself, he brought up that fact that she kissed him back and he asks her to stay even though the barn is gone and she is no longer needed. Wade asks Duke again to explain what the big secret is about their family but he refuses.  Upset and annoyed, Wade walks out the bar and runs into Jordan who says she has been waiting for him.  At the end of the episode, Duke approaches Lexie about moving out of the way so Tyler could kill his body.  Lexie says she was scared.  Duke calls her on it and says that Audrey Parker would have known that his Trouble would have kicked in and saved him.  Audrey gives in and confesses that she really is Audrey and they hug.