The Breakdown

Audrey asks Duke not to tell anyone it’s her.  He convinces her to stay away from Nathan as much as possible because he fears Nathan will figure it out since he cares about her so much.  Audrey explains that she is Audrey but remembers Lexie’s personality like a dream or fantasy so that’s how she is still able to act like Lexie which is quite different from Audrey.  Jordan tells Wade he can end the Troubles and she will tell him how if he helps her with some things.  Without knowing the circumstances he agrees to the deal.  This episode’s Haven mystery has people killing over with instant rigor mortis.  They look like they’ve been pulled out of a freezer.  Just like anywhere else, people find a way to create segregation.  One cop finds the supply packets for Still Water school in one victim’s stuff.   Apparently this is a school that is only accepting “clean” children, as in kids that have no Troubles in their families.

Vince approaches Jordan about trying to team-up with Wade.  He suspects she wants Wade to kill Lexie, thinking that the Troubles are Lexie’s Trouble and if Wade gets activated and kills her then the Troubles will end.  Jordan takes her glove off and touches Vince’s throat, stunning him with her mega pain Trouble.  Wade finds a way to sneak camera pens into the police station.

HAVEN -- "Countdown"

Nathan confronts Duke about what he said outside the barn right before jumping in (Season 3).  He said he loved Audrey.  Nathan tells Duke they both lost Audrey but to take care of Lexie once he is gone.  Nathan and Duke go to Still Water to talk to the principal.  The principal notices his cell, watch, and a clock on the computer are all counting down.  Nathan and Duke don’t see it.  When the countdown ends, the principal gets the instant rigor.  They tell a cop to guard the door and send parents away if they show up for the meeting.  She says her son’s tennis match can’t start because the score board is messed up.  Nathan and Duke rush off to find the coach.  The coach tells them the scoreboard keeps counting down.  Nathan and Duke don’t see this countdown either.  Thinking the Still Water school is still connected, he asks the coach what he knows about it.  He doesn’t seem to know anything.  The coach notices the video camera and other clocks counting down also.

Meanwhile, Jordan has Vince tied up.  We finally get to hear something about Vince’s past.  I’ve been wondering about these Teague brothers.  What do they really know?  What is their Trouble?  What are they hiding?  He tells Jordan that in 1981, when the Troubles came back, before Lucy had showed up, he asked Simon Crocker (Duke’s father) to kill his father-in-law to protect his wife from getting a horrific painful Trouble.  He activated Simon with his own blood.  Simon did it.  Years later with Lucy’s help he had to kill Simon.  He tells Jordan that what he did was worse than the Troubles; that he became the monster even though he thought he was helping his wife.  Jordan leaves and goes to find Wade.  While they look at the video of Nathan’s office, Wade puts on gloves to be intimate with Jordan.  She says they can do all that later but for now have to focus.  He tells her she better be worth it.  She tells him about how the blood of Troubled people making him stronger.  While they are watching the cameras, they see Nathan and Duke bring the coach into the office.

HAVEN -- "Countdown"

Lexie removes everything that can count down (she can actually see the countdowns).  They bring the coach in there hoping it will stop him from dying but when the clock stops, it happens anyway.  Lexie notices the countdown has started again and now Nathan can see it.  The three start talking through past places they’ve been and seen to figure out the cause.  Audrey puts it together saying that Tater (nick name of a cop) who got the rigor was investigating an electronic store robbery.

When Duke and Nathan brought the coach in, that guy was yelling at Nathan about not getting help for the robbery.  Nathan sent him to the waiting room.  The guy had to sit there motionless and count to 1000 when he was robbed and it seems that every person that keeps casting him aside leaving him motionless gets the countdown.  Nathan picks up on the fact that Audrey called the cop Tater instead of his real name.  He also didn’t miss the fact that she put it all together so quickly and easily and knew that the guy counting down motionless was a Trouble which left other people motionless after the same amount of time (roughly a little over 15 minutes) passed.  She keeps talking, trying to steer him away from figuring it out and he does anyway.  She admits to being Audrey (not knowing she’s on candid camera for Wade and Jordan).  She didn’t tell him even when they were alone because he would want her to shoot him.

HAVEN -- "Countdown"

Duke walks back in saying Paul, the electronic store owner, is gone.  He figures out quickly that Nathan knows and Nathan figures out that Duke already knew.  He’s yelling at Duke asking why he didn’t tell him and Duke says because he didn’t want him to die.  Nathan says he wants to end the Troubles and Duke should want that too. Duke says he should and it pisses him off that he doesn’t.  Audrey interrupts saying they have 8 minutes to find Paul.

They go to the electronic store and find Jordan with a gun aiming at them.  She tells them they had the office bugged and she knows that she is Audrey so she demands Audrey to kill Nathan.  Jordan has hidden Paul away and refuses to tell them where until Audrey shoots Nathan.  She says no matter what Nathan is dead because at this point he only has 4 minutes left so Audrey might as well shoot him.  Wade walks in while they are all in their gun standoff.  Wade asks where the Troubled guy is.  Duke, confused, wants to know why Wade is helping Jordan.  Wade says Jordan is actually helping him to learn the family secret.  Jordan tells Wade she has another way to end the Troubles.

HAVEN -- "Countdown"

Audrey tells Jordan she is not going to shoot her or Nathan because she won’t get what she wants and she tells her to “put the damn gun down”.  Jordan obeys and Audrey finds Paul.  Wade heads toward Paul but Duke stands in his way.  Wade, pissed off, walks away (temporarily I’m sure) and goes to the car to drink out of his flask.  Audrey does her thing and talks to Paul about his Trouble, pulling out of him that he was mad that people kept slowing him down between the robbery and the coach wanting his camera.  He wanted to give a bracelet to someone for her birthday.  Someone who he wants a relationship with.  The robbery was the bracelet, not the electronics.  Duke does his thing and manhandles the guy into calling the girl to tell her how he feels.  We’re at 30 seconds at this point.  Nathan does his thing and tries to get Audrey to shoot him before the clock counts down.  Paul calls and asks the woman to coffee and at the very last second she agrees.

The countdown stops and now he has a coffee date in 10 minutes.  He thanks everyone and walks toward the door saying he needs to lock up.  Wade walks in and stabs the Paul.  He rubs the blood on his hand with the blade and the blood disappears as his eyes turn silver.  Jordan goes to call an ambulance.  Wade tells Duke he’s not the only special Crocker anymore because now he can end the Troubles too.  Nathan points a gun at Wade but Duke gets in the way.  Wade leaves and Duke begs Nathan to let him go after Wade.  Jordan goes back to Vince and cuts his ties.  She finds out that his wife found out what he did and left him.  She tells him he was right that she became a monster.  She tells him she is leaving town.  She doesn’t tell him about Audrey.

HAVEN -- "Countdown"

Nathan and Audrey talk.  She tells him that she loves him and it is her decision, not his, to kill him and she is not going to.  Wade and Jordan meet up so Jordan can say bye.  Wade wants to know what her plan was to end the Troubles.  She doesn’t tell him and says it wouldn’t have worked (basically she wanted him to kill Lexie to end the Troubles).  Wade puts on a glove to have his way with her and she decides against that too.  He tells her how incredible he felt when the blood touched him and thanks her for showing him that.  He says he knows why he is there now.  She has a look on her face of regretting that she showed him that and not really wanting his thanks.  He takes the knife and slices her leg and wipes it on his hand to get another blood rush.  Supercharged with strength he doesn’t let her leave the car and tries to force her to tell him the plan.  She said she’s done being a monster.  He says, “Yes, that is what you are,” and stabs and kills her.

The Analysis

I am so curious about the Teagues but I bet we won’t know about them until the final episodes of the series.