The Breakdown

Duke is still trying to find Wade.  Wade isn’t answering his phone or returning phone calls.  While Duke is talking to Jennifer about her upcoming job interview at the Haven Herald, Wade walks up looking for cleaning stuff to get some soda (which we know is really Jordan’s blood) out of his car.  Wade tells Duke he’s sorry for what he did (by the way, Paul recovered from Wade stabbing him).  He says he’s not going to let that happen again.  There is a drunken guy, Freddy, sleeping on the Grey Gull property and Duke sends him to jail so he can sober up and stay off the road.  Lexie tells Freddy he should stay away from the Jager shots.  Nathan doesn’t seem to like Lexie and tells Audrey she’s laying it on thick. She tells him to try to get used to it.  He asks how they got here.  She says “you shot Agent Howard”.  He doesn’t like that too much and walks off.  She follows him and they walk back to the jail cell to find Freddy dead.

They talk to the Medical Examiner.  This M.E. used to work with Nathan’s dad.  Her intern is Vicki Dutton who we know from Season 1.  When she drew things and someone destroyed the drawing, that same thing would happen to whatever she drew.  For example, a drawing of someone was folded up and the guy’s bones broke while his body folded. Another guy got shredded.  [Back to this episode now.]  Freddy looks like he was attacked by a bear but the M.E., Gloria, says there is no saliva or DNA to prove it was an animal attack.  Gloria is no fool.  She picks up on how quickly Lexie is picking up on the police stuff.  Lexie says she watches a lot of CSI.  Nathan tells Audrey to let him ask the cop questions so people don’t figure out she is Audrey.


While Dwight investigates Freddy’s death, he is asking around trying to find Jordan.  It’s been said that she left town but her car was found.  Duke recalls Freddy wanting to watch grizzly stuff on TV so maybe a Trouble caused a bear to kill him in his sleep.  Surprise surprise, Dave and Vince have an ulterior motive for hiring Jennifer.  They want to figure out how she is connected to the barn.  Vince is nervous that it would be too obvious because they haven’t had a “Girl Friday” in a long time.  During the interview, we find out she grew up around Boston, she was adopted, she lost her dad in a car accident as a teenager, and she lost her mother five years ago.  Dave gives her a challenge to do a background check on herself (sneaky fellows).

Wade walks in while Duke is cooking for them to have a dinner.  Duke decides to show Wade his dad’s journal and says it talks about the rush they get when Troubled blood touches them.  While turning pages, Duke gets a paper cut.  Wade zones in on Duke’s blood and tackles him.  He gets some blood on him and gets the rush.  Then he grabs a knife and swings it at Duke, catching him on the arm.  He tries to stab Duke but then Duke wakes up from his dream.  He looks at his arm and still has the cut.  We then see Wade coming out of a bar with a young woman (this is not a dream).  When they start to make out, he bites her and gets his blood rush.  He tells her he’s her salvation and stabs her.

We next end up in Nathan’s dream.  He’s in the police station naked.  Audrey asks why he isn’t wearing clothes and he says he’s late for class and has a test he didn’t study for.   Suddenly there is a chalkboard and desks.  Nathan sits down at one that has an exam on it and the teacher (Audrey in that sexy teacher outfit with the glasses and her hair up) starts telling him to give her the answer.  She points to the board that says “Who do you love?”  The answers are Audrey, Sarah, Lexie etc.  She says “time’s up” and that he needs to get punished.  She makes him stand up and bend over.  I gotta tell ya, as she swings the paddle, the look on his face is hilarious as you can see both puzzlement and enjoyment on his face.


He wakes up and Audrey is knocking on his door.  He looks down and has to cover himself with a   pillow (gee I wonder why).  They go to the morgue and she tells him about Freddy and Duke’s dreams.  She notices a red mark on his hand (probably from a ruler) and asks him about his dream.  He says it was about school and he uncomfortably walks away.  The M.E. shows them the Troubled victims that were killed by their dreams and the one that was stabbed with the broken knife tip left in her (the girl Wade was kissing).

Duke finds Wade in the kitchen of the boat washing a knife.  Duke notices the knife is chipped at the end.  Wade says it happened while gutting a fish.  When Wade leaves Duke looks in the cooler and sees that the fish have not been gutted.  Jennifer gives the Teagues her background check.  She says she couldn’t find her birth parents.  She thinks they won’t hire her because of this but of course they hire her.  Audrey asks Duke and Nathan to go over things they did before the dream.  They figure out that every victim read the Haven Herald newspaper.  Since Nathan read one that he got off of Dwight’s desk, they call to warn him.  He is already dreaming about going through evidence trying to find out what happened to Jordan and he sees some things that point to Wade.


Wade walks in with a gun holstered and Dwight asks to speak to him.  Wade keeps walking but the gun comes back and points at Dwight and shoots him.  He wakes up to answer the call just in time to tell them he got hit and he’s at the marina before he loses consciousness.  The doctor says he lost a lot of blood but should be okay.  She confirms that the sedatives they gave him won’t make him dream.  Audrey and Nathan leave to keep investigating but Duke stays there with him.  He goes through Dwight’s evidence and sees a measurement of the tip of the knife left in the victim Sonia, confirming his suspicions about his brother.  Duke finds the boat Wade’s been using to fish on and uses the GPS to find out where he goes.  He finds Jordan’s body weighted down in the water along with other bodies.

Nathan and Lexie talk to the Teagues.  They figure out that all the people affected are on the same route.  They find the woman who delivers on that route and she is aware of her dream Trouble but it has always only affected her and her family, not other people.    When they tell her it’s affecting other people she tells them there is a way to end it but it is usually fatal for people in her family.  She agrees to try.  She has to go into her dream lucidly to a dark place and confront a fear.  She just recently got mugged and figures that’s who she will find.  The rest of the town is being kept awake by sirens and noise while Nathan and Audrey stay with her as she sleeps.

Meanwhile, Duke finds Wade just as he is about to give someone with a Guard tattoo a ride.  He sends the guy away and confronts Wade.  Wade threatens to tell everyone that Lexie is really Audrey and that Duke knew all along.  He knows they will come for both Crockers but they will also force Audrey to kill Nathan.  Duke knocks Wade out with his gun.  Carrie starts to dream and can hear Audrey talking to her telling her not to be afraid.  She is walking through the woods and runs into the two guys that mugged her.  We have seen these guys before.  They are the ones that came to get William out of the bar-barn before Lexie threatened them with the gun.  Carrie is standing in front of the bigger guy and is stuck in the ground and can’t move.  He swings at her and Audrey sees her mouth start to bleed.  Back at the Herald, the Teagues tell Jennifer they found something interesting in her background check.  They give her a picture and file of the man who arranged her adoption.  His name is Byron Howard and it is a picture of Agent Howard, the man who is the barn keeper that always brings Audrey back every 27 years.  Meanwhile, Carrie is still getting pummeled by the big guy.  Audrey tells her not to be afraid and to fight back.  She stands there saying she’s not afraid of the dark (they are in the dark woods) and she is not afraid of him.  The dark goes away, the bad guys disappear, and she wakes up.


Jennifer walks into Duke’s boat looking for him and Wade bangs on a door asking her to let him out saying he got trapped in.  She lets him out and he pins her against the counter saying he just needs a little bit (of blood).  He makes a nick with a knife on her throat and tastes the blood.  He gets his rush and says he needs more.  Duke comes in right then and stops him.  He gets some of Jennifer’s blood on him and gets silvered-eyed too.  He tells Wade he has to control the urge.  Wade says he doesn’t think he can.  Duke says he will kill him if he has to and Wade rushes toward him saying he knows.  Duke stabs him and when he holds his hand up, Wade’s blood doesn’t disappear and his eyes are no longer silver.  At the hospital Audrey notices a hand imprint on the back of Carrie’s shoulder.  It looks sort of burned into her skin.

Nathan and Carrie don’t see it but Carrie remembers when she was mugged that she felt a weird sensation back there.  Audrey wonders if that’s how her Trouble started spreading to other people.  Nathan says that’s not how the Troubles work and Audrey says maybe things are changing.  Duke touches Jennifer’s blood and they see that it doesn’t disappear.  He asks her not to tell anyone about what happened.  She thinks Nathan and Audrey will understand that he was protecting her from Wade but Duke feels bad because he told them to trust him with Wade and people got killed.

Nathan tries to convince Audrey to kill him again since the Troubles may be changing for the worse.  She says no and they argue about the two of them.  She says they cannot be Audrey and Nathan any more. Too much has happened.  He says, “Fine, see you at work,” and walks out.  He walks back in, tells her he doesn’t care who are what she is, that loves her, and then kisses her.  In the last scene we see the two muggers watching Audrey’s house from afar.

The Analysis

It only took four and a half seasons but finally Nathan and Audrey officially got together.  This episode is clearly building our suspense for something big with Troubles being spread to other people now and Duke ending his Trouble.