The Breakdown

A very sad Duke buries his brother with their dad’s journal.  Vince narrows down Jennifer’s possible biological families down to six (all in Haven of course).  Vince eventually goes to find Nathan.  He shows up at Lexie’s place (where Nathan and Audrey are still fondling over each other).  Nathan sneaks out and tries to get to his car but Vince finds him.  He tells Vince he is there for Duke and Vince is mad that he isn’t upstairs with Lexie making her fall in love with him.  Nathan says he can’t hurry love.  Vince tells him the guard is losing patience.  Duke tells Jennifer that he’s leaving town and for her to get her stuff out.  She tries to tell him it may be a rash decision given his current emotional state but he doesn’t care.  He says he’s always been a business man doing things that benefit only him and lately he’s become the schmuck that helps everyone else and it has to stop.

Going for a walk he starts to hear a loud abstract noise.  He sees it breaking glass in a car and knocking a guy down, destroying things as it gets closer.  Saying, “can’t I just leave,” he grabs a little girl before the effects of the noise gets to her.  He calls 911 and sees that the guy is dead.  He and a friend who is supposed to return some equipment to him notice that the effects (ear drums busting, glass bursting) are like the force of being under water.  The Teagues come along and are acting strange (stranger than usual anyway) and Duke figures out that they have the Bends, an after effect of decompressing too fast when coming out of the water.  They put them in a decompression chamber.  The M.E. says everything is imploding.


Duke apologizes to Jennifer and she tries to convince him to stay.  They end up arguing and back upset with each other.  When they help the Teagues out of the decompression chamber, Jennifer asks if the Trouble could belong to duke’s diver friend Jack Driscoll.  Everyone discounts her idea because he is a Driscoll (Reverend Driscoll’s nephew) and they have never had a Trouble throughout the generations.  Audrey and Nathan walk up and thank Duke for helping, saying they could use his help as a scuba diver.  He tells them off saying he’s supposed to be the selfish one and keeps putting his ass on the line for them and they are supposed to be protecting the town but are only protecting themselves.  He says he liked it better when Nathan hated him.  He walks off leaving them confused.

They go check on the Teagues and notice that Jack has mud on his shoes that matches the mud near the first victim of the pressure.  He was in the car with that first victim when it all happened.  No one believes it could be him because his family doesn’t have Troubles but when Nathan says all signs point to him, the pressure starts up again and everyone is holding their ears as things start imploding.  Jack gets into the decompression chamber and tells Nathan to seal him in.  Once he does that the pressure stops.  The pressure gauge shows that it’s 2000 feet of pressure, ten thousand feet deeper than most scuba dives.


Lexie has Jack take off his shirt and through the window she can see he has the same mark on his back that Carrie had.  His trigger came from the woman who he was riding with almost running over the Teagues.  He does a deep breathing relaxation method he knows as a diver to decrease the pressure.  He and his brother were out drinking when this all happened.  He mentions they need to find his brother.  We then see a cop walk up to a man sleeping on a bench telling him to leave.  He wakes up not knowing where he is and tries to tell her he was abducted.  She just assumes he was drunk and when she tries to arrest him, her ears start bleeding and the pressure starts.  Jack, Nathan, and Audrey find him.  He is Jack’s brother Aidan.  Jack calls his cell to tell him those guys that attacked them gave them a Trouble.  The phone breaks before he can tell him how to calm down the pressure and they can’t get close enough to help him.

Jennifer is driving to all the houses of the six families Vince narrowed down.  Before she gets out of the car at one of the houses, hears a noise and sees something she saw earlier which is a water creature with human eyes.  She gets out of the car and it is gone.  Meanwhile the pressure bubble gets bigger and blows the fire station generator.  They worry it will blow the hospital generator which would be horrible.  Jack decides that Duke needs to kill him.  He’s concerned about his brother’s unborn baby getting the Trouble.  Duke is ignoring everyone’s call as he talks to Wade’s grave.  He tells him he’s the one living Crocker he can halfway stand to be with but he knows he has to get him out of Haven so he can live (words he would have rather have said to him before he died).  He says that’s the thing about the town.  In Haven you always lose so why even bother trying.


Duke finally answers the phone telling Nathan to stop calling but it’s Jack on the other end.  Jack tells him about his brother Aidan and asks him to come to talk.  When Duke gets there Jack tells him his idea of Duke killing him to end the Trouble.  Duke refuses and starts to leave.  Nathan tries to convince him and he gets pissed talking about how Nathan decided his life was worth more than all of the Troubles (referring to when he shot Agent Howard) while jack is willing to die just to end one Trouble.  Nathan touches him and Duke punches Nathan.  Nathan starts to back away but notices that his blood has not disappeared on Duke’s hand.  He wants to know how his Trouble is gone and Duke drives away leaving Nathan and Audrey with opened mouths.

They go back to trying to figure out how to stop the pressure as its range keeps expanding.  Jack says he needs a deep pressure suit but doesn’t know where to find one.  Just then, Duke drives up in a van with deep pressure suits (Duke, you’re a good, reliable person, deal with it).  Nathan, Duke, and Audrey put them on and move toward Aidan.  Nathan’s line gets caught on something and starts to burn so he loses his air.  Duke has to get him out of there and Audrey has to keep going.  Audrey tries to talk Aidan’s Trouble down by bringing up how he’s going to have a baby and that he has to control it.  Meanwhile Nathan is choking as he has no air and cannot take off the helmet until they leave the pressure bubble.  Duke gets him out and gets the helmet off while Audrey gets Aidan to focus on slowly breathing to calm himself, using the same technique he learned as a diver.  It works and the pressure fades.


As Nathan and Duke take their helmets off, Duke admits to killing Wade.  Nathan tells him he’s the least unselfish person he knows.  Duke calls Jennifer to bring her stuff back and when he sees her, he kisses her and carries her off to the bedroom.  Nathan and Audrey talk again about his death ending the Troubles.  He puts the gun in her hand.  Duke tells Jennifer he is an idiot as they kiss.  Jennifer has stuff that belonged to her biological parents.  She went to their old house but turns out they had moved away.  The camera zooms in a book that we remember Audrey giving Agent Howard in the very first episode of the Series.  As they continue to talk the Teagues come in.  Jennifer is embarrassed as she is only wearing Duke’s shirt.  The brothers tell her that Dave got Vince to read a journal of explorer Sebastian Cabot who spent the winter in Haven in 1497.

Duke, who’s more interested in continuing his conversation with Jennifer, tries to get them out but they continue.  The journal talks of a great evil that comes through a door between worlds which is why Dave was trying to stop them from opening the door that let Lexie cross into Haven.  He’s glad to say he was wrong because the journal also talks about creatures like horseshoe crabs with human eyes and stuff that they haven’t seen.  Jennifer bursts his bubble by telling him that she has seen that creature.  The crab has confirmed a soft spot has been ripped open and the great evil is there.  They think they should ask Lexie if she knows something from when she was trapped in the barn.

Nathan and Audrey are tearfully talking as he tries to convince her to shoot him.  He says he loves her and they kiss while she holds the gun in his chest.  Right then, everyone drives up to the bar (which Audrey lives above) to find her.  They talk about a riddle that says “what was once your salvation is now your doom”.   As they go up the stairs Duke says that must mean that Audrey doesn’t need to kill Nathan.  Originally, they thought that would end the Troubles.  Vince stops him and asks why he called her Audrey.  Before he can respond they all hear a gunshot coming from Audrey’s place.

The Analysis

Poor Duke.  He has a right to be upset.  He helps everyone and protects everyone despite how many people feel about him, yet, he still keeps running into heart breaking problems.  I guess that’s why he finally gets a break with Jennifer coming into his life.  I wonder how long this will last.  That horseshoe crab was freaky looking.  It sounds like we’re being prepared for more crazy Haven-like things to happen.