The Breakdown

We start off hearing the gunshot again and then see Audrey aiming the gun toward the big guy from the barn.  He was one of the two men that tried to take William away before he convinced Lexie she was someone else.  They are also the same two guys that attacked Carrie (the girl with the Dream Trouble in Episode 7).  So much is happening all at once.  The big guy gets away.  Duke busts in saying he heard a gunshot.  Vince notices Nathan called her Audrey also and wants to know what’s going on. Nathan says she is Audrey and she was about to kill him but the big guy got in the way.  He says when she gets back they will continue so she can kill him and Vince tells him no.

With the whole gang (except Dwight) in Audrey’s place: Vince, Dave, Nathan, Audrey, Duke, Jennifer, Audrey explains she has seen the guy before in the barn.  Vince shows her sketches from the guys Carrie described and it’s a match.  They explain that they must have torn a soft spot between worlds when helping Lexie cross over.  This must be how the two bad guys got there.

Haven 'William'

Meanwhile at Dwight’s house, the smaller bad guy knocks Dwight out with a bat and kidnaps him.  He threatens Dwight with giving him another Trouble if he doesn’t help them find some box.  Dwight head butts the guy and manages to get out of the chair and get to his cell where he hits a button to Nathan right as the big guy takes him down.  The big guy, by the way, is played by former 7 foot tall wrestler Robert Maillet (Kurrgan/Acadian Giant).  This big guy almost drives a fist into Dwight’s head but the other guy stops him and tells him to take a walk (that would have hurt!).  Apparently they need Dwight.

As the shorter guy holds a gun on him, Dwight starts rambling about different places, knowing that Nathan can hear him on the other end of the phone.  He mentions a place that he’s not supposed to know about where a guy holds poker games with girls and such.  Nathan has his phone on speaker and Duke knows where Dwight is talking about.  Jennifer gives Duke one of those girlfriend looks and he says all he did was play poker.  Nathan and Audrey bust in the door and hold guns on the bad guys while untying Dwight.  They hear a slight groan from someone and Audrey goes to find out who it is.  There is a man tied up in a closet sized room with a sack over his head.  Audrey removes the sack and recognizes William.

Haven 'William'

William doesn’t know who he is and doesn’t remember neither Lexie nor Audrey.  Audrey explains about the barn and that she thinks he is Agent Howard’s replacement.  She also explains how the barn wipes people’s memories.  Dwight goes to interrogate the shorter bad guy and asks about the box he’s looking for.  He grabs the man and pulls him closer.  Then he loosens his grip and we see a change in the expression on his face but we’re not quite sure what just happened.  The bad guy tells him he should be out looking for a killer.  Next thing we know he’s in his office obsessing over Jordan’s disappearance.  He looks through the blinds and sees Duke crazily looking at him with a knife in his hands.

What Duke is really doing is talking to Jennifer about seeing if she can get something out of the bad guys since she has a connection with the barn.  She talks to the big guy through a cell and he reaches between the bars and grabs her neck.  Duke grabs his neck and he lets go but suddenly Jennifer is looking at Duke and thinks he’s saying he will take her back to the psych ward.  Back in the interrogation room, Nathan is trying to convince the short bad guy that he found the box, thinking he can get him to tell about it.  The guy says he knows he hasn’t found it because the contents would devour him and the ones he loves, starting with Audrey.  Nathan slams his head into the table saying he doesn’t get to threaten Audrey.

Haven 'William'

We see something come out of the guy’s mouth and fly into Nathan’s ear.  The guy asks if Nathan is worried Audrey is in danger of falling in love with William.  Nathan suddenly starts focusing on that instead of his interrogation.  The delusions continue as Dwight is rifling through things on Duke’s boat and Jennifer thinks everything Duke says is either about her being put in a strait jacket or about how great he thinks Audrey is.  Nathan walks in on a harmless conversation between Audrey and William about the vending machine but all he sees is them making out on the desk.  Nathan attacks William and asks Audrey how long it will be before she sleeps with him.

The M.E. tells Audrey about a guy who had some strange gunk in his head.  She tells Audrey that out of the blue this guy accused her friend (who is gay) of having a thing with his girl.  Dwight finds Wade’s tip-less knife in Duke’s boat.  Duke shows him his brother’s grave.  Duke tells him he killed Wade and buried him.  Dwight’s delusions kick back in and he demands Duke to dig up the body to prove it’s not Jordan.  Duke figures out there is some Trouble messing with Dwight’s head and tells him but Dwight persists.  Duke refuses and Dwight stuns Duke with a Taser gun.  Delusional still, Jennifer and Nathan talk and he comes to the conclusion he needs to kill William because Audrey is his.

Audrey is questioning the bad guy and William runs in demanding answers.  Audrey takes him out of the room saying he needs to stay away from the guy because of how he is affecting people.  Audrey touches William and an electric charge sparks between the two of them.  She touches him again and he starts to remember bits and pieces.  The bad guys chased him and he jumped through the door to Haven with the box.  The short bad guy over hears this and the big guy has suddenly disappeared from the cell going after the box.  EVERYBODY IS GOING CAAAARAZY!

Haven 'William'

Dwight brings Duke back to the station.  Nathan walks in to shoot William.  Jennifer talks to Audrey about juggling three men.  Someone mentions that if Nathan shoots then Dwight will get shot.  Nathan says sorry he’ll just be collateral damage.  Duke asks Jennifer to uncuff him but she slaps him because all she sees is he and Audrey snuggled up and smiling together.  Dwight points the Taser at Nathan saying he’s been shot before and he will shoot back.  Dwight stuns Nathan.  Duke gets ahold of Dwight long enough for William to handcuff him.  Audrey yells, “code red!” and tells everyone to clear out because the chief and Nathan have been effected by something toxic. Duke fills in and says a gas leak.  Duke watches over the unconscious Nathan while pointing the Taser at Dwight while Audrey and William go try to get the box before the bad guys do.

When they get to the hill where the door entrance was, he finds the box.  He starts saying strange things and Audrey thinks he was affected by the Trouble but he makes it clear that it’s not about “some stupid Trouble.”  He always had his memory.  He says the hill they are on was their favorite spot.  She realizes that all the delusions the whole day were because of him.  The two thugs work for him.  He says he wasn’t sure about things when she went through the door and went back to being Audrey but when he saw that spark when they touched, he knew they still had something.  He has her open the box and it’s a flower.  He goes to touch her and she says not to touch her and she backs away and the flower turns to a bunch of black stones.  These are stones that were in everyone’s heads.

He opens up the box and it pulls all the stones out of everyone’s heads and they go back to normal.  He tells her that her friends are inferior and don’t know how special she is.  A few simple delusions and they almost tear each other apart.  He says he’s frustrated because the barn is gone and she still doesn’t remember.  He pulls out a stone and crushes it and his hand turns black mimicking the color of the mark he’s been putting on people, giving them Troubles. He says he’s going to have to continue doing so since she doesn’t remember.  He tells her he loves her and she loves him.  She says no part of her will ever love him.  He says he’s not talking about Audrey or Sarah or any Haven savior, but there is someone in there that is his.  He touches her face and a big electric flash happens and we next see her lying on the ground with Nathan finding her.  She hugs him and that is the end of the episode.

The Analysis

“Wait…what?” is my response to William’s admission of basically playing with Audrey’s so-called inferior friends to prove a point.  I actually liked William so I’m bummed that he pulled a 180 into this crazy obnoxious superior guy.  I am more than curious about his relationship with Audrey and who she really is.  This episode was kind of funny with everyone’s delusions having them gang up on each other.