Looks like Mel Brooks’ long told of slasher film is still on the table for the legendary writer-director. The 86-year-old Brooks hasn’t directed a film since 1995’s Dracula: Dead and Loving It, but he spoke about the further development of his “traditional” slasher film, titled Pizza Man, in a interview with The Wrap published Sunday.

Pizza Man will be a more straightforward horror film, as opposed to the spoofs Brooks has been known for in the past. “It reminds me of those Hammer Films from the 1950s,” Brooks said in regards to the tone of the potential project. Pizza Man may even facilitate his return to the director’s chair, “I might direct it, but I need to polish it and rewrite it,” Brooks said.

Mel Brooks directing a Hammer-style slasher flick? Count me caught off-guard but intrigued. Despite his comedic background, Brooks definitely has horror chops — having produced David Cronenberg’s The Fly in 1986. Then again, this could just be a prolonged practical joke (Pizza Man? C’mon). Brooks is still a god either way.

Some would rather see him doing comedies again. But have you seen any of Mel Brooks’ films made after 1981? They’re abysmal, and that’s including the wildly overrated Spaceballs. Brooks stated in the same interview that a Blazing Saddles musical is close, so maybe you can look forward to that.

Brooks also said he’s got Cary Elwes for the lead in Pizza Man, with Stacy Keach as a possibly antagonist. No definite timetable was given for development or release, as Brooks is  still working to secure distribution on the project. Apparently, an octogenarian comedy legend directing a serious slasher movie is a tough sell in Hollowood.

SOURCE: The Wrap