The Walking Dead Breakdown

The episode begins with Rick, Daryl, and Hershel traveling to an unknown location. It’s very unclear what exactly is taking place at first, whether they are still searching for supplies or if there is a different objective. Rick enters a small barn/warehouse type structure. Then from the shadows “The Governor” appears. It then becomes clear that this is a meeting to settle differences… or is it?

“The Governor’ disarms himself to put Rick at ease. Rick sits down but keeps his weapon at his side. Both men proceed laying out the circumstances between them. Rick offers a solution to their dilemmas, which “The Governor” laughs and rejects. Andrea tries to mediate the issue and bring them to a compromise, in which the governor isn’t interested. “The Governor” says the only reason he came is to accept Rick’s surrender. Which clearly angers Rick.

As this is going on, all the other survivors from both parties are mingling. Daryl has conflict with one of “The Governor’s” men, Caesar, then zombies show up. After Daryl and him kill a few, they quickly find that the two of them are not so different. Caesar brings up his past about how his wife and kid were killed by the walkers, which Daryl responds with sympathy. Meanwhile, Hershel and Milton are bullshitting about medical things and science. There is a really humorous moment where Milton asks if he can see Hershel’s amputee leg for science purposes. Hershel says, “will you at least buy me a drink first?”

Back in the stand-off between Rick and “The Governor”, the men have now loosened up with a bottle of whiskey. The resolve has still gone nowhere. “The Governor” begins talking about a tragic story involving the death of his own wife. As he’s laying out the tale, you can see Rick realizing how similar they are and how much he hates that fact.

Shortly after, “The Governor” finally makes Rick an offer to let his people live, in exchange for one thing… The life of Michonne. Rick tries to convince “The Governor” that taking her life is beneath him, but “The Governor” doesn’t budge. He tells Rick to think about his son and daughter. Both men leave with terms understood. The parties split ways and then return to their camps. Rick speaks to the group but you can tell that he’s battling decisions in his head. He then says to the group… “We’re going to war.”

The Analysis

This entire episode was simply fantastic. Never has the show accomplished so much, with so little. Almost the entire show is Rick and “The Governor” in a stand-off battle of intimidation power. The more these two men talk, the higher the stakes become. One of the interesting things about this episode was the interaction between both camps. It’s reasonable to believe if the zombie apocalypse had not arrived that these people would get along. Even Rick and “The Governor” share a moment where it appears they can almost relate to one another. Had it been a different world, they might have been drinking buddies. Sadly, this is the reality they have to live in.

Another solid episode this week from The Walking Dead folks. What did you think? Tell us below!